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    I’m residing in a brighter one. A zone is where we see the world, and that attitude then reflects for the how the world sees us. It’s hard to imagine how much happier I am now, compared to all those months alone […]

  • under the ocean
    This is a good place I de-stress. For awhile, the word would always plug some sort of insight into my current situations, kind of like Tarot. After that point, it because no different than a […]

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    slightest irritation growing
    whilst I fondle around
    like a moron
    hands begininning to bleed
    slightest frustration growing
    looking for a needle
    at this point, I’m gonna poke you in the eye

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    With myself. On the bed for only an hour, but if nobody was around to whisper comfort in my ear, than didn’t I need to be that person for myself? And so I sat in the shadows and colored lights, wriggled around […]

  • Ah, yes. When to go, where to go, how long to stay, which path to take. Where to set boundaries. How to follow those boundaries. How can I see what I want with a blindfold on?
    The brightest days are on the […]

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    Do we actively think about going on such things when they happen? Do we say to ourselves, “I’m going on a quest! Gotta bring back the boon.”
    We decide to start a diet, or finally leave our boyfriend. We […]

  • Psychic again. Or maybe that’s just a trick of the human mind.
    I regret nothing. Maybe it’s not foofy. Not something that should be seen outside of a journal. But it was tucked away for a reason. The thoughts […]

  • Oh, ouch. You really knew what to do say this time, eh?
    I don’t know much about romance. Never experienced it much. Yeah, there was a time. It was short, I was too dazzled to notice it in any other way than […]

  • They’re not very good for tying knots in thread, or weaving hemp. But that’s okay. My letters are more delicate and small than other letters. They’re like sprinkles. Crystal.
    I make messes. I spill.

  • Golden. And lions. And noise. Eyes. Waiting for blood, thirsty fists.
    At what point did I stop fighting, did I start realizing myself in the margin, the survivor? When did I accept myself as the victim, and not […]

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    red everywhere. Buttons are red. Waiting to be pressed. Antagonize. No apologies. The carnage. Woes me. And so on.
    What qualifies a panic attack anyways?

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    Sad words. Trigger sad things. Sad disposition?
    I don’t know what I want these days, not that I ever really did, but even that shred of direction seems to have dissipated. Now I’m just stumbling through the […]

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    When I walk in the house and there’s six people in my kitchen, and all their shit is in my living room. When I know you won’t clean up the mess, turn the music down, or kick them out at a reasonable hour. When on […]

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    What’s the difference between silver and gold tequila?
    Fancy tuna

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    Desperate times call for desperate measures. Tastes like tar, looks like tar, …is tar, but it still gets the job done. Time to float.

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    A little sunlight, but long drives at night. The feel of the Earth’s curvature, the taste of adventure in a small town.
    Fix these winter blues.

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    My house is clean my homework is done my car has enough gas in it my clothes look nice I am on time and I woke up this morning I painted my nails and washed my hair I remember to plug in my laptop I have a cupcake.

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    Do people recycle themselves?

    I am the speed demon.

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    So I am carrying it, then? Is that how this fate thing works? That on the day I happen to need a word like this the most -if only for the sake of reflection- it pops up somewhere I wasn’t expecting it and here I […]

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    I was a little apprehensive of a drum set going in our upstairs apartment. But hey now, it is an electric one. No worse than the music on the stereo being turned up too loud. And listening to him tip and tap and […]