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    My fare lady she had called me,
    That was her nickname she used so lovingly,
    Until the words ran cold, and it became a taunt,
    From a girl that killed with her words so stunningly.

  • El commented on the post, wayward 2 years, 6 months ago

    Wayward yeah. That’s a good word to describe him. He was a wayward man, he used to get this look in his eye and this expression on his face and it could turn with in a moment from so happy and content, to angry and aggressive. You never quiet knew what he was thinking, even when the words were coming out of his mouth they could change in an…[Read more]

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    Who knew they actually knew what they were talking about. Who knew that they were full of good advice, knowledge and what we needed to know. Who knew that they would always be there, no matter how many times you screw up, no matter how many times you don’t think you are good enough. Mine have always been there.

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    You wrapped yourself round me like ivy vines, you got under my skin, into my veins, and wrapped your vines around my heart. You keep growing, squeezing, and even when I try to rid you of those vines, I can’t because your roots are embedded too deep and even if I rip you out, your vines leave marks on my skin, veins and heart of where you used to be.

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    “Just turn your head a little, slightly to the right and down”, he heard himself say. He had become too good at allowing them to believe he was fine. Allowing them to think he was his normal self. Confident and […]

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    He flew into a temper at her, right then and there. In the middle of the street. Screaming and yelling in her face, arms flying about in the air, hurling abuse at her. She looked like she wanted the ground to […]