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    You took pieces of my soul to the black market, children are highly sought after here. You left me blank and scattered, clearly no one cares. I thought I could just off myself at 10 years old, a fitting end to a tragic beginning, but Mama told me ‘hold on, darling’ as she fell to pieces too.

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    I have too many outfits, it makes the process of getting dressed an unnecessary challenge. It is one thing to try on a couple shirts, pants, etc. but when you are faced with a closet bursting with clothes and the mindset that ‘nothing feels right’… first world problems.

  • Undone. Like the buttons on my shirt,
    though less appealing to others.
    Undone. Like the ribbons among my art supplies,
    pretty but frustrating.

  • We often sit, face to face as we recap on my youth- she ensures me that it was not my fault, that I was a child. My mind comes undone with this idea, she is the only person to have offered me such a simple truth.

  • Take time to nourish your soul.

    The end.

  • For such a long time, I was taught to ‘man up’- show my emotions. Even as a woman, this caused a terrible struggle. For years I would compete with how I ‘should’ be, and how I actually was.

  • Hop on my scooter,
    take me away,
    to a land of extravagance and light hearted play.

  • Chopsticks. Sushi. Fish. Ocean. Biostrome. Calcified. Mummified. Petrified. Wood. Chopsticks.

  • His words, like syrup- sweet and sticky, clung to her heart. Little did she realize that everything he said, had a hint of untruth.

  • I went to a Maple Farm once, while hitch hiking across Canada. The driver we rode with told us stories of Maple trees, syrup and murdered hitch hikers. You figure that would be enough to sway ones mind from accepting a place to camp on the drivers land.

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    It showed the way to what was missing in my life. It was a faint, but very present intensity, which lingered in the back of my mind… signaling that something was amiss.