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    If I am punished, she thought, it is only because I deserve it. It is only my wickedness which warrants his need to discipline me. She told herself that, because, that was what he had taught her to believe. For every welt and weal and bruise was just the outward marking of her sins on […]

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    ‘I predict,’ said the fortune teller, ‘that all you wish for, all your hopes and dreams will eventually be realised. I foresee that you will meet a tall, dark strangler.’ ‘… A strangler?’ Emily’s already-high eyebrows began to receed into her hariline. ‘Oh my mistake, sorry, a stranger!’ ‘Oh ok.’ ‘A tall, dark stranger who […]

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    If I was tempted, it was only for a moment. I looked into his deep, liquid-brown eyes and felt remorse for even considering such a heinous act. He gurgled and grinned toothlessly at me, perfect in his naivety. The chocolate bar sat on the bench between us, my impotent guilt alongside it. Truly, taking candy […]

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    Forgotten. Lost. Left behind. The last vestiges of ages past.

    Sometimes I wonder if there will be anything left to mark humanity’s existence upon the surface of the earth. Or perhaps when we fall into oblivion we will be forgotten by the universe. We are so beautifully insignificant.

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    Like all the fairies, Celina’s skin appeared to shimmer with an ethereal glow. Their secret was fairy dust, which, if you aren’t aware, is like crack to fairies, gets them high as a kite and makes them look all glittery. Unfortunately, Celina was a poor fairy and her fairy dust dealer had given her a […]

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    ‘She’s skin and bones,’ the doctor’s voiced reverberated down the corridor to where Anna sat, shivering in a dressing gown. Her parents cooed with concern, they assented that ‘enough was enough’ and that ‘something had to be done.’ But it was already too late, Anna was past the point of return. Soon she would only […]

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    ‘Avast ye salty dogs!’ The captain’s throaty voice boomed across the deck of the ship. They were a rag-tag crew, not particularly suited to a life at sea. John lowered the rigging and little Ben climbed into the crews nest, as he had been instructed. ‘Annnnd cut there guys, take a forty minute break. Great […]

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    ‘Sign the waver.’ The disembodied voice echoed though the dingy room. It was a risk, she knew that, but perhaps this was her only chance to get further in the program. She signed it and, almost immediately, the room began to melt in front of her eyes. The pen dripped from her fingertips and the […]

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    Heel. Sit. Beg. What the hell am I, a show pony? Just give me the ball and leave me to play in the sunshine. Go and do something monotonous and human somewhere. Oh, and I may be colour blind, but even I can see that shirt doesn’t go with those trousers. Moron.

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    What a shame, Sandra thought, to be a part of the chorus. She considered her talents far superior to most of the other girls’. Despite only having one leg.