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    Weary to the bone, I grabbed my bags and hauled myself onto the bus. It was nearly empty, so I grabbed a seat and put my gear on the seat beside me. As I leaned my head back on the seat and closed my eyes, I heard a shuffling next to me and opened one eye.

    There was an elderly man beginning to look through my things. I watched him for a moment.

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    It’s been so long since I’ve written on here. I will try to weave this word into my re-introduction to the community. I love using OneWord. It keeps my mind sharp, causes me to think quickly, and act on those thoughts before I have time to stop and think and doubt myself. I will definitely make a post about OW on my new website, TheWriterie.com.

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    “He’s just a cub.” Sarah said quietly, her eyes downcast.

    “It doesn’t matter.” Her father shoved his arms into his jacket, grabbed the rifle resting by the door and stepped out onto the porch.

    The winter wind was biting and Sarah wrapped her arms around herself as she watched her father’s back retreat into the flurrying snow.

  • Into the night she sneaked, her black shoes quiet on the soft grass. The wind whistled softly, almost apologetic through the branches above her head. Looking to her left, she could make out the mansion. There was a light on in the lower level but the upstairs sections were completely dark.

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    Amid the chaos, Noah could feel his panic raising. He turned, his cloak swirling around his calves, his eyes searching the faces swarming around him for a friendly set of eyes. Blood splattered faces grimaced at him in pain and fear and Noah knew his search for a friend was failing.

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    He stared. His eyes, not moving from her face.
    “Now?” He breathed quietly.
    She made no sound but nodded her ascent.
    “What about my dignity?” His eyes begged her for understanding, his hands reached toward her, palms up, hands open.
    “You have none.” She seethed.

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    millions of seconds
    have passed
    your face, your fingers
    blessed this place
    your breath, your light
    too long excused
    your scent, your feel
    with no trace
    I am graced

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    mighty oak
    solid roots
    never running
    always standing
    to the sky
    never goodbye
    always by my side
    standing tall
    mighty oak

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    “Yes, worldly. What’s wrong with worldly?” She put her hands on her slim hips and lightly stamped her foot on the ground, indignation clear on her face.
    “Nothing’s wrong with worldly, little one. Do you know what it means?” The little girl’s mother smiled down at her as she washed a plate at the kitchen sink.
    “Yes.” Her daughter…[Read more]

  • Her hair flew in a wave as she turned, her skirt whirling around her smooth thighs. Tiny bells at her ankles tinkled merrily in time to the tambourine she tapped with her hands above her head. The sun dappled through the trees surrounding the courtyard, catching her eyes as she turned like blasts of sapphire light.

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    It came upon me in a rush
    The lack of your form in my space
    The blinking brakes of your tailgate
    Signaling goodbye in morse code
    The dust that settled in your wake
    A song I never will unhear

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    Myra gasped for air, her long, lank hair sticking to her neck like straw colored plastic wrap to day old hot dogs. She swatted at flies buzzing around her head and tried to concentrate on her breathing. The air was thick and hung around the porch like mosquito netting. Myra took a deep breath in, fanning herself with her too-thin hand.

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    In hot pursuit, Mike dodged the shoe she threw at him as he jumped over a turned over trash can. The alley was narrow and filled with items Mike never imagined he would see. She took her clothes off as she ran, throwing her skirt and blouse at him as they charged down the dark row.

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    Crouching near the base of the cement stairs, Magda could hear booted footsteps approaching. Shifting back into the shadows, the approaching torches were glowing, casting shadows of their bearer against the stone walls of the stairwell. She would know his profile anywhere. She unsheathed her dagger and held it firmly in her hand.

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    “Is that what I am to you? Charity?!” Spittle flew from his mouth.

    She was startled by his anger but dared not respond. He was most dangerous when he yelled like this. Angry, but not being loud.

    He stepped closer, his fetid breath washing over her face.

    “Well?” He said, his eyes hot embers of fury.

  • I was afraid. Afraid my feelings were unfounded.
    I lifted the tarp and saw the smooth shape of the convertible’s wheel wells beneath.
    Pulling the tarp back further, a wave of foul odor hit my face like a brick. I could see a foot extended over the back seat into the front.

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    A failure of
    Mythic proportions
    Epic forgiveness
    Wrapped in a wrapper
    Of cellophane
    A heart shaped box
    And a pair of lying eyes
    That I never could resist

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    “For the last time, Mama, I’m not a hair dresser. I’m a stylist!”

    “Stylist? Don’t go puttin’ on airs, Daughter Mine. You’re a hair dresser. Just like your no good Meemaw was.”

    Tara felt hot tears running down her face.

    “Meemaw was not no good, Mama.” She said in a low voice, eyes averted. “You are.”

  • “I can’t.” Marie’s eyes dropped to the ground. Her pale hands were clasped in front of her, the red nails looking suddenly garish in the waning light.

    “You can’t or you won’t? I know it’s difficult.” Michael put a gentle finger under her chin and tipped her face up. He met her eyes and smiled.

    “I can’t.” She smiled with menace and Michael’s…[Read more]

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    Once her chores were done, Melody set out to shower and get ready. Passing the mirror in her bedroom, her eye caught the picture of Chad in the lower corner and her heart began to pound. Just a few hours until their first date. She smiled and waved to his picture as she skipped into the attached bathroom and undressed. She stepped into the shower…[Read more]