• All was silent as he looked upon the lake. There was no ripple nor a wave. Bob, then let out a fart, shattering the serene moment.

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    It has been weeks since the little boy has dreamed. Weeks ago, he dreamed of nightmare creatures, that wanted to pop his eyes out and see through them. Weeks ago, he stopped sleeping.

  • Emitting from the black box, a wave. Curious, I peered in. What I got was a face full of blisters and a delicious pair of popped eyes.

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    A table is four legged creature. They can be seen in dining rooms and kitchens posing as furniture . Little do the owners know that during nighttime as they sleep soundly, that the tables creeps into their bedroom to stare and breath into their face all night.

  • Eight legged being. They are often shown as a raping thing in Japan. I cannot think of any reason the Japanese would make octopus a fetish. I’m trying to think of a similar thing in America. Maybe horses and dogs?

  • I gazed upon to the sky. Somewhere, there is somebody gazing back to me, thinking about porn. Vagina, penis, if they have something similar.

  • A fan fanned the damp flannel. It flapped as it hung from the racks. For real.