• Colors … bright lights
    towering heels for added height
    Deafening sound
    Booming and shaking the ground
    Make up and curls
    For the pretty and lovely girls
    The boys all around there
    With coat or nice vogue wear

  • I went to my favorite place; the park. it is on a hill where I could see almost the entire city. Always sat on the same old bench with a good read in my hands. Doing it almost everyday before my day starts or ends since my dad died. Until one late afternoon, I saw a note sticked on the bench saying, “date me, young lady.”. And that’s how my story…[Read more]

  • I saw him run in the golden field as if though, he had no care in the world. I saw him. And it is only I who could because I look through my heart. We are connected. We are one. And I run free with him … to eternity … to a place where everything’s too easy.

  • Ha! It’s funny that this is the word for the day. Foremost, if we’re talking about the ‘patient’ noun, I’ve dealt with many of ’em last week which tested the ‘patient’ adjective I have

  • There were people in my life whom I treasured the most. Now, they only serve as ‘somebody’ I just knew. How poignant :(

  • Nothing is so much better than time well spent with you <3

  • I spent the whole day lying around my bed … hoping I could get a good sleep and a good dream too that would help me inspire for my this month’s entry in nanowrimo

  • “THEMSELVES”. Sounds selfish huh. To be completely honest, there are a lot of thoughts running and flowing through my preoccupied mind because of this word which I would most likely ‘want’ to write but this blue bar below makes me just wanna type and type and type every nonsense stuffs that pops up at my brain at ths very moment just to not ‘wr…[Read more]

  • Yesterday, my parents decided to let me continue my ever beloved nursing course :)) How lovely! Not only that, my allowance was increased >:) So much good news lately huh. And oh yeah! my ‘proper’ sleeping habits were restored! Hail! Hail!