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    The castle is falling apart, but that will be put to rights soon. As soon as the inheritance is officially hers she will fix it up as good as new again. Just like how she remembered it whenever she visited her grandfather. Everyone called him an old kook but he was always nice to her. […]

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    The dull clank of the staff against the rusted metal grated on her nerves in a way she couldn’t explain. It wasn’t like it was an especially loud or screeching sound like nails on a chalkboard. Maybe it was the fact that she couldn’t stand the sight of the rust. She never liked the color […]

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    The spring had sprung its last. The boy yanked his mattress off his bed and threw it out the window. It was that incident where his parents thought their son needed an activity to get rid of excess energy. So they sent him to the Military Academy. It was one of the best schools in […]

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    He crouched down and hid behind the crumbling wall. He could only make out a few words that the strange men were saying to each other, but he knew they were up to no good regardless. He grasped the pendant under his shirt without thinking about it. His good luck charm was going to be […]

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    The pouch contained all that he needed for the last leg of his journey. It’s been a long, hard road but he had finally made it back to his hometown. It sat practically on the edge of the world. He patted the old, weathered pouch and grinned to himself. The herbs and medicines he brought […]

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    The hover vehicle sputtered to a stop and smashed into the ground with a jerking motion that made his stomach lurch. Well, this was the worse escape plan ever. He should have made sure he stole a car that worked. He jumped out of the motionless automobile and ran.

  • The clipped tone that she spoke with disguised how nervous she really was. She didn’t expect to take over a manager position when she applied for a job at the small firm, but she couldn’t turn down the pay when the opening came up. She hardly felt qualified, but when opportunity knocks…

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    The offer was a disaster to begin with. He didn’t know what he was thinking except that he had to offer something that no one would suspect he’d give, even if it was something that someone else already put on the table. He knew the shock factor would be in his favor. But when he […]

  • The umbrella clattered to the ground, forgotten in the heat of the moment. He always thought his first kiss would be spur of the moment, since that’s just the kind of guy he is. He even dared say that everyone expected it, too. The only thing that was different from the scenario in his head […]

  • The sinking feeling in her stomach matched the sinking of the ship on the television. She knew it was a bad idea to watch the Titanic after some idiot she didn’t know brought an Ouija board to the party. She told her friend it was a stupid idea to have an open party. Now there […]

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    The deer was on its side along the bank of the road. She knew the poor thing had to be dead. This time of year had a lot of dead deer that found themselves on the wrong side of a car. It didn’t matter how many deer crossing signs there were, the cars were going […]

  • The punishment for his insolence, as she was insisting it be called, was to pay for her snacks for the next month. It didn’t seem so bad at first, but he never realized how much the small girl he’d known since they were grade schoolers really ate. He sighed as a moth flew out of […]

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    It was near the time for her brother to leave the house. That mean she would be left alone with her toddler nephew who had recently found out how to climb on top of the refrigerator. She sighed and drank a coke to calm her nerves. He’s a two-year-old, not a rapid dog. She could […]

  • The elastic band broke as he pulled off his severe ponytail. The band wasn’t that old, and while it was cheap it still shouldn’t have broken so easily. The young man sighed and threw it away, then he began to fish in his junk drawer for another one. All the while a heavy feeling had […]

  • The manager blew his top, almost literally. She watched as the toupee threatened to fly off with every jerk of the man’s head while he shouted like a bullhorn. She wondered if steam would start spilling from his ears soon, or if the ear hair was too long and clogging the exits up.

  • His blood was boiling and spilling out of his veins. He never knew something could fill his body with passion like this. He was suffocating and taking in too much air at the same time. He was heavy and light, dizzy and grounded. He held tighter to the man holding him down so insistently. So […]

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    The first step to world domination was to convince someone that you deserved to rule the world, then you worked your way out from there. At least, that was his theory. He hadn’t tested it yet but he knew already that he couldn’t convince his little sister. She was too close to the source, as […]

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    The amusement must have been plain on her face because her friend suddenly scowled at her with a glare that could kill rhinos. “Sorry!” she apologized quickly. “It wasn’t funny…just…um.”
    “Oh, come off it,” her friend snapped. “You’ve always loved seeing me embarrassed.”
    “That’s not true.”

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    There was a powerful wind and whistling zipped past her ear. Then her hair band broke. Her long blonde strands cascaded down like a waterfall of liquid gold. They hung about her thin, milky shoulders in a shimmering curtain. Her expression was stupefied, but he fell in love all the same.

  • The thunder roared and rolled across the sky like a steamroller on gravel. It grated and bumped with no concern for anything or anyone beneath it. She sighed and placed the curtain back on the window. Outside wasn’t the only place with thunder at that moment. She stared across the room where the men cheered […]