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    ‘Aren’t you the cutest?’ He smiled and reached out a hand. It was met with a purr. And claws.
    ‘Decide,’ he said,’ do you hate me or like me?’

  • Nonsense is glorious. Without it where would we be? We’d not have surrealism, or Hilaire Belloc or Alice in Wonderland. Forget always making sense – do a bit of non-sense for a while.

  • ‘Is this an efficient use of resources?’ she asks.
    No, I want to say. It’s only a nice use.
    But instead I actually say, ‘Increased happiness makes them all more efficient.’
    She looks at me as if I’m mad.
    ‘There’s nowhere on the form for “nice”, only for “efficient”.
    Well, that ends that discussion.

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    He knew what he was – the last senator. As Rome slithered further and further from her days of glory so did the Senate. Now was the end. The last senator stood up, bowed to the gods and ancestors and left the chamber.

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    Everyone has shells. I don’t mean the ones on your mantelpiece but the ones we wear to keep the world off our backs. The one called Questions I Will Not Answer, or the one called Things I Won’t Do.

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    The old vinyl record was sleeved with a photo of the band on the front. Looking at it reminded her of all those wonderful concerts. It felt like only a short while ago but in fact was over half a century.

  • To be homeless must be horrible. I’ve never experienced it or been threatened with it, so I can only use my imagination. But that doesn’t help the homeless. They need bricks and mortar and security.

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    He always preferred the oblique to the straightforward and obvious. Sometimes it was impossible to understand what he was talking about. And it was always impossible to fathom his true motives.

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    The loom clacked in the background. It seemed to her that it had always done so – all her life. As if it wove her life. The pattern of cloth that grew lacked variety or beauty; she hated it.

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    Ensue is not a word I’ve ever used. I prefer follow, or result. Yeah! Result is good, definite, strong. Ensue is sort of hesitant.

  • All systems go! But they aren’t. Most of them are only partial go. The rest are stop. All systems down might be more accurate. No matter. We are used to it. We can manage without systems.

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    I make a speech. Everyone in the audience listens. Then the next speaker makes a speech. Everyone listens. Then the next. Then comes the interval and they all rush to the bar and start talking about football.

  • Magazines – they fill the world with chat, information and bullets. Shooting into the future in the hope that someone will be there to stop them, read them, remember them.

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    The gum trees rustle in the breeze. All the animals that live among them listen to the symphony of rustles. A forest of different species of gum trees makes a music too quiet and complex for human ears.

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    I once had a little modem,
    Nothing did it do,
    So I sat unhappy
    crying boo-hoo-hoo.

    My modem started weeping,
    ‘You haven’t fixed me right.
    Push me here and thump me there
    And all might then go like a hare.’

  • I’m switching off now. Goodbye – forever. As the screen goes blank I think, I’m switching off a whole life. Can I switch it on again tomorrow?

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    To solve a dilemma I just write out the options, shut my eyes and stick a pin in the page. Then I do something completely different. So far this has worked for me – though I may be in a mess.

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    The man lent his coat, then his hat. Then he started to feel cold, but he didn’t take them back. The recipient was grateful and said so. They had given each other something more than a coat and hat.

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    What can one say about a sliver? Not much. There’s not much of it. Like there’s not much of anything here. The house is as empty as can be. Even the ghosts have taken off and left only a sliver of memory behind.

  • Sometimes I feel like a gladiator, doing battle with a range of weird animals: the weather, crowds, bad news, not to mention the mosquitos in the night.