• He looked up at the cimmerian sky and shouted, flinging his emotions up into the heavens, hoping that maybe God would cast down his net and gather the scattered fish that were his thoughts, collecting them again, rearranging the pieces. The papers were clenched in his fists and he ripped them to shreds. His hands shook with fury and…[Read more]

  • My heart beat so loudly, I could hardly hear my own footsteps against the wood. And how that wood creaked! It threatened again, and again to give away my position. The sun was setting, casting long ominous shadows down the hall, and my own shadow stretch in front of me, creeping along with me like my partner in this crime. The cimmerian hallway…[Read more]

  • A dash of spice, a pinch of cinnamon
    Don’t forget the flour, the eggs, the lemon
    Normal ingredients for a normal recipe
    But what about concocting a disaster?
    A hydra of worries, insurmountable, crushing pain?
    How do you bake anxiety, how do you measure self-gain?
    Do you add a teaspoon of greed, or perhaps a cup of fear?
    A sprinkle of…[Read more]

  • The book was held up against Emily’s face and she hunkered down behind it, giving the illusion of studying ferociously. As soon as her Chemistry professor picked himself up, stretching and yawning like a great big bear, and meandered out of the library and down the hallway, she sprung up, like a caged animal and raced out of the library, and out…[Read more]

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    The winds shrieked and moaned as if mourning for a lost loved one
    The air trembled with heat, as if inside an oven
    The Sahara was alive and dead with the everlasting sands
    Golden shards of crushed stone that spread out in all directions, nearly swallowing the majestic blue sky above
    Far ahead, was the crocodilian guise of an oasis, shivering…[Read more]

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    The Jade Buddha sits regally on his throne, an immortal being, frozen in the waves of time, legs crossed peacefully, and regarding the world through an all-knowing lens.
    Flowers garnish the altar, and candles stand proudly, their rosy warm light flickering over the shaded alcove.
    The air is thick and full with the deep smell of incense,…[Read more]

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    The indecision grips your stomach like a vise, squeezing so hard until you can hardly breathe
    Is this how all choices are like? One or the other?
    Must we be forced to conform to the patterns of society, adopt the pretense of the perfect being?
    Casting our ballots to support one idea or the other? Like good citizens, or like good conformists?…[Read more]

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    The sky is inky, syrupy smooth
    The stars seemed swallowed up in the sheer vastness of the heavenly entity above
    From the enormous height, the people on the earth below must look like thousands of billions of moths
    Congregating around clusters of electric lights
    Swaths of lights that bathe the land in an ethereal glow, a dangerous beauty
    The…[Read more]

  • I went outdoors yesterday and I was shocked. My backyard’s never been that fancy or cool. The grass is mostly dried and yellow, and the treehouse which I had taken pride in as a child was standing like a lonely sentry in the corner of the small plot of land. It was clear evidence that time had whipped through this backyard faster than a rouge…[Read more]

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    The arrow came whizzing at her, so close that she could feel the slight woosh of the displacement of the air. She leaped over the bush that confronted her and immediately tucked into a clean roll, barely dodging the angry hunter. She immediately stood up and kept running, tearing her way through the thick growth of the forest that surrounded the…[Read more]

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    The dust stung my noise and a sneeze blew out of me even before I had the time to register it. I switched on the overhead light and continued down the rough, wooden, unfinished stairs. As I walked, I ran my toe into a nail and gasped in silent pain. The light cast a grayish yellow pall over the entire scene. Something about all this gave me an…[Read more]

  • It was quite a dilemma. There was no internet in the house at all, and the TV was broken. The speaker was busted, and her phone was cracked. The world was ending for Jamie, a 16-year old girl, and she had been reduced to reading. For fun. As enjoyment.
    This seems to be what the world has turned into. The population made up of bookworms, is…[Read more]

  • The way he talked was syrupy smooth, and enraptured my as if I was a fly trapped in a spider’s web. Julian’s voice was low and deep, and seemed to come from the sweet core of the Earth. I stared at the way his green eyes brightened as he talked and the way a shock of his black hair fell tentatively over his right eye. Now, as I drifted into…[Read more]

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    The elm tree stood long and tall in the front yard. I looked up at its bare skinny branches. I remember being very young, and very small, thinking that the elm–at the time the plant was only about 4 years old–was the tallest thing since seeing my parents. I remember how limited my perception was. I remembering thinking that the whole world was…[Read more]

  • As Meridian stepped through the door and into her grandmother’s new house, she gasped. It was completely different from what it had been like before. The chairs were decorated with rose and butter-yellow crocheted blankets. Silver and red throw pillows garnished the white sofas. The walls were painted white and crimson, and adorning the walls were…[Read more]

  • I set the container with my flowering wisteria on the table. The plant was in its prime, bright and green with delicate lavender blossoms and wide, waving leaves. The sun came in slits from the window, bathing the plant in pale light. I glared a it, scowling as if I awaited a response. I had no knowledge of plants whatsoever and I certainly didn’t…[Read more]

  • I noticed that you didn’t call today. I noticed that you didn’t like my outfit. I noticed that you invited her to your birthday party, but not me. Everything in our society is so that you can be noticed by others. By your boyfriend or by the popular group. We are built on the basic human need to belong. The need to be noticed and appreciated by…[Read more]

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    I looked up and out at the inky sky, studded with tiny pinpricks of light. I could see the silhouette of the moon, back-dropped by the yellowish flare of the sun. I had never seen a solar eclipse before, and it was fascinating and strange. I clung to the slimy wet vine, my fingers digging into it’s supple green flesh. My right foot was braced…[Read more]

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    BOOM! The bomb exploded with a loud, sound, and the reverberation was felt in the crumbling concrete structure. Liliya, a young seven your old clung to her mother’s leg, shaking. She jumped at every sound she heard, her tears making grimy streaks down her pale face. All the young girl could see was the gray, shivering supports of the remains of…[Read more]

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    The pan sizzled and I dropped it, in my fright and confusion. I yelled aloud and sucked on the burning welt that was forming on my right hand. My mother used to to cook, but ever since she was taken horribly ill, I’ve had to complete her jobs, washing the laundry, cooking the meals, harvesting the fruit and vegetables. Now, as I lay, looking at…[Read more]