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    High motor type player. Guy’s got real hustle to him/ A real lunch pail first in first out type of guy. Gives his very all. At least he’ll sell you on it.

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    Engulfed in the water and encapsulated by a blue alien world. It weighs heavy but I float on.

  • Brighter. Bright eyes. There i no light I see or hope. Everyday gets longer and harder. Sometimes there is a glimmer but only to be suffocated. Is this what is really or merely an attitude?

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    El topo in spanish. Digs beneath the surface of the earth not to be seen. In a desolate landscape a mole could just go under ground and it would make no difference as if he were in a lush botanical paradise.

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    The young man walks into the barber shop with his long mop of hair. He always held dear to this as it was his way to differentiate himself from other males. Symbolic it was of his rebellion. Now it was time for him to grow up.