• This was his gallery. The lovely statues lined the halls. He strolled down the long hall, smiling to himself. One after another, tears slipped from frozen eyes. His smile deepened. His gallery was so lovely.

  • Festive didn’t even begin to cover it, tacky was a better word. The yard was covered with plastic snowmen, and Santas, and reindeer, and elves; and they eye could not take it all in. The retina spasmed and twitched, trying to deny the holiday horror that lay before it.

  • “The definition of insanity is repeating the same actions expecting a different result.” He knew that, but he was still hoping that this time would be different. It wasn’t. The spell went awry at the same point as always leaving him peppered in pixie dust. On queue the little beasts appeared and mobbed him, knocking him off his feet. It was…[Read more]

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    My tank is empty. I am running on fumes. There is not gas, no energy, nothing. I can do no more and intend to do less. Good night oneworders, sleep well.

  • I just saw an entire barrel of distilled alcohol on sale in a one of those bulk stores…. So, the huge bottle, not enough, the huge box, not enough, nope, we need an arfin barrel. It’s official, we are all screwed.

  • “You have stolen my heart. What a load of B.S. You cannot steal what is given. The load has gotten larger. Seriously, why can’t you lovebirds take a flying leap? It’s making me sick to my stomach.”

    “Dude, it’s not our fault you got dumped okay?”

    “Uh, yeah, it kinda is blabbermouth.”

    “You shouldn’t have lied about the porn, dude…. never…[Read more]

  • He would squint at the screen over an over again as if what he saw could not be real. It just could not be. Such a thing could not happen. He would walk away and then return to the computer, squint again, shake his head in disbelief and wander away again. There was just no way someone would deface the Hokage’s faces like that, just no way. Didn’t…[Read more]

  • The little squiggles in my vision during an aura, look similar to the movies’ version of a mirage. That is the heads up that migraine is about to come crashing in and ruin my day.

  • The brigand leaned against the wall smoking his cigar and watching the bustling street. A street rat whisked by. With one hand, the brigand snatched the purse from one grubby little hand.With the other he tousled the brats messy hair almost lovingly. His little partner was worth his weight in gold, literally.

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    “Hell..”, he didn’t get to finish his greeting. His face burst into flames and he ran gagging from the room. There were some things that a man should never ever see. This was a the top. Seeing your parents in the midst of… of… he could not finish the thought. ‘And on the table too… I’m going to my boyfriend’s house for Thanksgiving this…[Read more]

  • I do not measure up to the person I want to be. I fail to rise above the ridiculous pettiness of those around me. I make mistakes and I miss deadlines even when I try my best. I cannot reach that pinnacle of perfection I desire.

  • Jack of all trades, master of none. The phrase makes me wonder, if you can be a Jack, why would you ever want to be a King? You could be great at only one thing, or good at many. I’ll be the Jack, you be the King and in the end, I’ll survive, what will you do?

  • self contained breathing apparatus

    Blindfolded to simulate a smoke filled room, tethered to your partner, as he feels along the wall, providing an anchor for you as you reach out to rescue the ‘victims’ and guide them back out. The moment of panic when your instructor turns off your air to simulate a dry tank and the moment when it’s all over…[Read more]

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    He sat on the sun warmed steps staring at the flow of red and knew he was witnessing the end of an era. The senator feared what so many of his peers refused to consider; without Caesar, Rome would not stand long.

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    Overly dramatic
    Lacking the true depth of emotion, but desiring the attention of it just the same.
    She smiled her bright fake smile and simpered disgustingly, “I was just overjoyed I tell you, really.”

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    The sound rebounded off of the dark stone walls, a wail of sorrow and rage. The heat of the fire rose and the sound was overridden by the sound of stones groaning and cracking from the blinding heat of the mage storm.

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    He reached through the fog, picking up little shards with the greatest of care. Piecing together bit by bit the memory he lost. The little cracks distorted the image, but something was always better than nothing.

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    I am timid. I am fearful. I am blind to the beauty of the world. I see only things that could hurt me, things that could make the already constant pain worse. Light, sound, movement, vehicle vibration; these are only some of the triggers. Then there’s the judgement, the looks from others. ‘She looks fine’ ‘She doesn’t look sick’ ‘I bet she’s…[Read more]

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    The brain shuddering feeling that crawls up over my head from the back of my skull to my hairline. The visual disturbances that makes the world wiggle and wriggle and swirl. Migraine’s little pet puppy that trots along in front of it’s two ton elephant named Pain who intends to sit on my head for the next few hours.

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    The rose bush blooms bright with great fragrance.
    What began a as a bud grows larger and opens.
    It declares its joy with beauty and perfume.

    As time passes the bud’s color diminishes.
    Its aroma fades.
    The bloom wilts and shrivels.
    It falls from the stem, dead and dreary.

    This is not the end for the rose, only the bloom.
    The plant e…[Read more]