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  • The swatches simply didn’t fit the end result. This was, afterall, supposed to be a happy time in their lives. So, why couldn’t she get in the spirit? She held the dull greens and grays to her belly, as if to show the growing bump the colors of the room she’d be occupying for the coming years. She held the colors up to the walls, again, and then…[Read more]

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  • The artwork on the wall presented itself swimmingly. The crashing waves rolled over the jaded, antique hell. Many a people had chosen that path–walking boldly to the edge, flinging oneself over it in a last, horrid attempt to end one’s life. Although the oftentimes succeeded, not so often in the ways they had pictured such a glorious last choice.…[Read more]

  • Filtering through the papers and various household items of the relationship she formerly referred to as her marriage, she threw one item, one paper, after another in the garbage. Toss…throw…take another sip from her bottle of Raspberry Smirnoff…the tears rolling down her face…then, she lost it. Scattering the papers on the floor, she screame…[Read more]

  • She held her breath as he held her close. The weight of the world– like a ton of bricks–lifted off her pale, beautiful, paper thin shoulders. She was fragile. She was damaged. But, none of that mattered when she fell into his arms. The moonlight caressed her tear-stained cheeks, a wisp of hair falling gently across her lashes. She was safe here.…[Read more]

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    I wasn’t sure why this was happening. It had felt so right at the time. But, not? It felt so wrong. All the fights, all the late nights on the couch and crying myself to sleep. It all seemed so progressive…and, yet, so natural. Was she really going to take this path? What if they didn’t approve? What if he changed? What if this was just what it me…[Read more]

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    It was her moment to come forth, speaking from her heart, as her mind raced with the possibilities. She didn’t know how or what to say, but she knew if she never said these things, he would be forever lost, and […]

  • It seemed odd. The various items scattered about the house reminded her of a time machine. Walking through that monstrous door, she felt swallowed by the entryway. The vintage curtains blew in the wind, the […]

  • She shuttered in awe of what she was about to experience. Watching the dust combine with the swirling air, it was but mere seconds before she would join them, forever swept away in this violent wonder. She tried […]

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    She could see the writing on the wall—all the signs were there. The secrecy, the carefully woven lies—all the deceitful words and dishonest actions—was it all a lie? Everything she knew was crashing in a matter of […]

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    She wanted to start, but felt trapped—trapped by her mind, limited by her body—it all seemed so unreal. The booming speakers began their countdown, and with it, all those beside her shouted as the moment became […]

  • They stared. Not because they felt sorry. Not even because they cared. But, the jealousy behind their eyes told their story. Despite her young age, she had the courage to stand for what she believed. And, them? […]

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    Crossing that finish line she couldn’t remember the last time she’d felt so alive. Six months? Twelve months? The emotions overwhelmed her as she thought of where she was, and how far she had come. It had to be […]

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    She entered the room, and the sudden tranquility brought tears to her eyes. Why here, why now, she did not know. But, the beauty of the sounds, dim lights, and mystical waves engulfed her. After her recent […]

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    It’s only been four weeks, and yet she tires of such feelings of inadequacy and failure. How was it others made married life seem so easy? Maybe it was that her husband looked at her as a mistake. Or, maybe he wished she was her—his ex-wife, that was. Why was it they seemed to have […]

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    My couch is tired and worn, and most days I feel the same. Still, it’s soft and comfortable, easy to sink in against. Once again, pretty much like me; I love that soft, comfy sofa.