• Andy commented on the post, acoustic 8 years ago

    the room is bathed is a varying degree of acoustic delights. i anxiously await your entrance with baited breath. finally, you arrive. the moment i’ve dreamed of for far longer than i would like. you seductively approach me, my eyes fixed upon your every move. you embrace me and i say your name, d… you […]

  • Andy commented on the post, hysterical 8 years ago

    when congregating with my group of friends, hysterical situations often ensue. alcohol is often involved, but i am usually the sober one of the group. not that i don’t enjoy a beer or three, but i don’t drink to get drunk. i drink to get a buzz then work to keep the buzz till it’s […]

  • Andy commented on the post, severe 8 years ago

    why do you treat me with such disrespect? what do I ever do to deserve it? I love you, and you hang up and insult me. I exert effort, but you show only indifference. I interrupt my sleep to talk with you, but you call me an idiot and tell me I’m dumb. you evoke […]

  • Andy commented on the post, thirst 8 years ago

    I thirst for your beauty, I thirst for your warmth. I thirst for your laughter, I thirst for your love. I thirst for your patience, I thirst for your grace. I thirst for your presence, I thirst for your embrace. But most of all, I just wanna kiss you and tell you I love you. […]

  • Andy commented on the post, alumni 8 years ago

    The term alumni is typically used to refer to college grads. But it also can be used to describe a former employee, member, inmate or contributor. I am an alumni to several companies.

  • Andy commented on the post, integrity 8 years ago

    Integrity is staying true to yourself and your morals and beliefs in difficult times. When you’re challenged by a particular set of circumstances or a situation where its easier to cave than stick by your guns. Or when its easier to cave to the circumstances, to cut bait and run. I don’t cave easily. I […]

  • Andy commented on the post, determined 8 years ago

    I am determined to succeed.

  • Andy commented on the post, plans 8 years ago

    Life is what happens while making plans. No matter how carefully you try to plan for every little thing, every little detail, life will in some way or another alter those plans. And in reality, that is what life is about. Experiences remembered, lessons learned, people whose company you keep, and laughter shared. So while […]

  • Andy commented on the post, purpose 8 years ago

    how do you find the motivation to move forward when you feel as though you have no purpose in life? or whats worse, when you find what you feel is or could be your purpose, and you lose it, then what? where do you go from there?

  • Andy commented on the post, digital 8 years ago

    while we live in a digital world, nothing will ever replace or replicate the human touch. the ability to feel something with your hand or your heart. we try to replicate that feeling in so many times, but it always comes up short. you can’t replicate the feeling of the sand on your feet, the […]

  • Andy commented on the post, audience 8 years ago

    sometimes it’s not easy being the person beside or behind someone who is well known in public or within a community. having to sacrifice her and her time to the masses, even when you don’t want to. but what makes it all worth while is when her audience, her following is looking at her, the […]

  • Andy commented on the post, classic 8 years ago

    in classic andy fashion, i have hit a point where logic has started to take over, and the emotions are no longer the dominant force for the time being. now it’s time to sit and wait to see how things unfold. thus avoiding making snap decisions, and making them too quickly without having sufficient information.

  • Andy commented on the post, however 8 years ago

    I love doing these oneword’s because it challenges me to once again find my voice in writing. Which is something I haven’t really done since I was 12 or 13. However, there are times when the word for the day just doesn’t spark anything. And I’m not really sure weather I should be disappointed that […]

  • Andy commented on the post, whole 8 years, 1 month ago

    In a team sport I believe that you should always give everything you got from start to finish. Never let up, never let them get even an inch of a competitive edge. The whole game should be spent busting your ass and leaving everything out got on the field. And I’m proud to say that […]

  • Andy commented on the post, shape 8 years, 1 month ago

    as kids, we all have an idea of how our lives are going to be when we get older. get married, have kids, career. all of that. but in reality, thing’s don’t always go that way. but when you get older and you see things in your life finally start to take shape, it can […]

  • Andy commented on the post, gym 8 years, 1 month ago

    i wish i had the discipline to go the gym more often as i know it would have a tremendous benefit to my physical health. even now when i do exercise, i can feel the effects almost instantly. and i can see results within a few days without even really trying. hopefully i will be […]

  • Andy commented on the post, heels 8 years, 1 month ago

    I was just minding my own business wandering around the internet when i randomly found a website that offered an unusual type of social interaction. After a few weeks there I found a girl knocked me back on my heels. Never did I think I would find such an awesome girl who seems to match […]