• The society we live in loves to put things in our head. You can’t be this, you must be THIS. They’re planters in a sense. They put these thoughts into us to make us grow into the same person as the one right next to us. They’re planters.

  • The creatures of the night scared me. They crept and crawled, growled and sneered. It kept the hairs on my body stick up. They were always there. Always waiting for the right moment to snap up and get you. They were the nightmares in my dreams that went so cold.

  • Being attracted to one is like A north and south magnet. They come together. But then they also my repel if they are the same side.
    Is that was same sex dating is? Being attracted to one of the same is wrong. How am I all so wrong like this? How is one attracted to someone they are not meant to be, is it just fate? Or deep down is it not in fact…[Read more]

  • The branches creaked as the cool air brushed against them. It was eerie and alone. I was frightened and so was she. We didn’t know where to go. They were coming. They were going to get us. The branches were a sign. The sign that they were only right next to us.

  • I took my anchor and threw it overboard. Everything was pointless at this point. As I watched it sink it took my emotions with it. I told them I wouldn’t sink. I don’t them I’d be strong but in the end who keeps their promises. Who doesn’t go overboard every once and awhile?