• I can’t breathe. I’m pressed up against two guys. The dance in insane. I don’t know what to think. Keep on partying, or just stop and rest. My legs are killing me. But I keep on. Best night ever. And worst night ever. But i learned one thing. No regrets.

  • He clipped the poster into place and then turned and looked her in the eye. “I’m really glad you could help me. It’s always hard to find good poster makers.”
    “Anytime, I love helping out the pep club.”
    He then grabbed her and kissed her fondly. “I guess you know why I really helped now.”

  • We are here. We exist for a reason. We may not know what that is, but were still in existence anyhow. We’re here for a purpose, and soon enough we will know what our purpose is. We just have to keep waiting, and just keep on existing.

  • I turned onto 5th avenue. Then a right on 6th, then another right on 7th. One more right, and I was right back where I had begun. I had been driving in a circle for about an hour. I don’t know what I was trying to accomplish around that particular block, but I knew I […]

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    I offered you my hand,
    you took it.
    I offered you a hug,
    you returned it.
    I offered you a kiss,
    you doubled it.
    I offered you my heart,
    you crushed it.
    I offered you a second chance,
    and you blew it.

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    The mist clouded my eyes. This was not happening. Not again. I can’t bare it much longer. I ran. Just ran. I don’t know where I was running, but I ran. Towards the trees, yes. That’d be good. Anything to hide these tears of mine. The ones that stream so bitterly sweet down my cheek. […]

  • You only get one chance at life. Don’t mess that up. The decisions that we make and chances that we take can show who we are so much. Don’t let anything say who you are, but you.

  • I couldn’t bare it. The damage done. All the destruction in my life. It was a happy-go-lucky playground. Then I found out that my mom was cheating on my dad, and that neither of them were my real parents anyhow. that’s right . I’m adopted. I just can’t take it. My life is ruined. So […]

  • The secretary passed me the letter. It was all so confusing. I didn’t know what to do with it. All it said was “6 o’clock, 14th Street, downtown.” I was afraid to go, but I had to. Now my life is in danger, and all there is to do is keep playing. This horrible, sick […]

  • Force me to love thee.
    Force me to want thee with all my heart.
    Because as much as I see in you.
    As much as I want to be like you.
    I just can’t love you.
    Force me into it.
    Force me into your heart.

  • Umbrella block the rain. Sometimes we need metaphorical umbrella in out life to block the thunderstorms of life. The bad times that keep showering down on us. All the sadness and hate. We all wish we had a shield, but we can never truly be covered.

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    gravity stricken
    close my eyes