• Dino Dragonrider commented on the post, cool 7 years ago

    It’s cool outside. Not cold, just cool. I love to walk in the crisp, fresh air, hearing the leaves crunching underneath my feet.

  • I didn’t see it there. I just walked right into it. It was just in the middle of my room. It was confusing. Why would there be a wall in my room? Maybe I’m forgetting something…

  • We separated. We used to be best friends. now we were enemies. He supported the Green Bay Packers. I supported the Minnesota Vikings. He said that I was stupid to support the almost bottom team. I said it was […]

  • The poster hung on my wall, staring at the room I used to live in. Little did I know that that poster was actually alive, and that it misssed the former occupant of the room very much.

  • Hi, I’m gregor, the roman gladiator. I killed the lion and therefore survived the challenge. I was convicted of murder, but I didn’t do it. This is stupid.

  • Scorn sounds like acorn. I don’t know why I thought about it. Weird. My time is running out. 5… 4… 3… oops!

  • Sunglasses? Again? weird. or maybe oneword is glitching up. I certanly don’t know.

  • I wear sunglasses all day. they are awesome. hahahahahahahahahahaha. even when it’s raining. meep. wow. that’s a lot of haha’s. yay.