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    “I am here!” I declared loudly as my big whopping dick swung and broke the door down.

    The entire orgy stopped. Dead silence. No more fucking. “What?” I asked, beginning to get nervous. Finally breaking the silence of the orgy, a man’s voice said, with a notable quiver, “It’s so… huge.”

    “Yeah!” I said, grinning like a fool.

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    “Have some mercy!” Martha wailed as the killer bore down on her, baring her prized serrated kitchen knife aloft. “Have some mercy!”

    But his masked face showed no sign, told no tails. The killer held the knife higher. He was close, about to bring it through her floral print dress, and soon, there’d be nothing left of Marsha.

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    Hot, not cold, spilling out from vents onto the floor. Baked in, forever thin, taking the waste out with a cosmic mash.

    The bangers and mash are ready, Maurice – that’s what I said to you. But now the oven is closed and you know how it is, letting everything grow old with a piece of cheese-whiz. Fake, fake, you – take, take me.

  • “Instructions are dumb,” thought Harold as he looked at the Ikea furniture directions. The little man was doing a twisty motion with his hand WHAT WAS IT SUPPOSED TO MEAN.

    Harold threw the booklet across the room and sat down among the heaps of unconnected boards and thingamajigs. “This bed is never going to get made,” he thought.

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    Judge and executioner, Michael Hall brought the hammer down once and for all on the serial killer he’d been hunting for half of his life now.

    And once he’d fired the gun… there was the thrill and then…

    It died. He was left hollow inside. It was not what he was expecting, no satisfaction from doing dramatic irony service to the man who’d…[Read more]

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    As she goes says the phrase. This horse was not steady, she was clopping and strutting about the track as though she were about to fall into an epileptic fit at any moment.

    “Suzy!” a man called from the stands, trying to both cheer on the stallion and express his fear for its life.

    Then Suzy took a spill.

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    “Cracked in half with a razor, to crush mindless fools like you,” the shell lay in pieces on the floor of the bathroom.

    Near the shell was the body of the Duchess. Detective Miller shook his head and shoved his notepad back into his pocket. He didn’t need notes to know it was him again…

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    Splash splish. There’s water everywhere in the tropical rainforest today. Damn this climate, Teki Toucan thought, flapping his feathers to get the water off of him. Not only that, but it was hot out too. Water plus heat equals a bad time for Teki’s coat.

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    Large looming clouds over head with thunderclaps like something out of a cartoon.

    “This is the place we’re going to rob?” Bucky said nervously to Mouldoon.

    Mouldoon just nodded. Jaw set and hard. This would be his last job, that he knew. Now it was time to go out in grand style. The only style he knew how. Bucky swallowed and shifted about.