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    We jumped up the two steps and fell into the porch, laughing. Today had been a good day.
    It shouldn’t have been, but it was.
    It had been raining, the most perfect rain. It was the dancing in the rain sort of rain.
    We weren’t dancing now though. Now our feet were sore and in desperate need of a glass of milk and a sit down.
    I chuckled at my…[Read more]

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    I wish I said the right things
    and did the right things
    and always was able to smile
    if you were in need of a friend
    but sometimes I feel drained
    and so close to tears, and frustration
    and anger
    that I can’t be there
    and smile
    and tell you everythings going to be fine
    because I don’t know
    i wish I did

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    This rooms getting really messy again, isnt it?

    yes. yes it is, but i prefer to call it a collage of clothes, placed carefully about the floor; not quite in your way, but enough to hide the purple stain from when we decided dying our hair was a good idea.

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    After ranting about today’s problems, I often go and sit in a cafe. I have my own seat, just by the window, its morning always and birds are singing. that Fresh bread smell is wafting through the air and I just sit and let my problems dissipate. I’ve been lying of course. That place doesn’t exist. At least, not here.

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    Geometric shapes
    So sharp are the edges that cut
    at the page
    My head hurts
    Like little drops of paint
    have exploded in my mind
    My judgements clouded
    my emotions in turmoil
    I need structure
    like geometric shapes

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    ‘Oh, um… y’know’ He stepped back, wiping his hands on his jeans.
    ‘What?! I didn’t take anything!’ He replied; smiling. He held his hands out: Empty.
    He mumbled and ran upstairs, a white piece of paper poking out of his back pockets.

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    My heart swells
    as I hear bells
    and delicious smells
    float in the air like spells
    of soft lavender perfume

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    Dear Microsoft

    I’ve been putting this off for a while but I realize now that this just isn’t working. Me and you. I’ve tried not to look at your opposition, and believe me I’ve tried. Averted gazes and spit is what they used to get. But I can’t take it anymore. I’m an animator! Or at least I’m one the road to being one. I just- Look, I would…[Read more]

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    ahead. I’ve seen this word before. Should I write? Just as I had done yesterday? Why? Why do waste my time sitting on the floor wondering where I’ll be in the 2024. FuckShitBugger sorry needed to type those words. to break the boundaries that hadn’t been formed. to kick the wall although its made of glass and the other side doesn’t come close to…[Read more]

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    Looking forward is something that everyone tells you to do; good times, bad times they’ll all pass if you look to far ahead.
    How do you know where your feet will take you if you don’t look down and watch them?
    I don’t know, sometimes I’m just scared I suppose. Of what’s ahead.

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    I pick up my rucksack and sling it over my shoulder. ‘Shit happens’ they said. Shutting my locker I walked out of the school, looking only ahead.