• inclusive or isolating?

  • taiga tsubasa commented on the post, windy 2 years, 5 months ago

    people used to say they hated the wind. i said i loved it.
    the way it pulls back your hair and touches your face
    like it’s cleansing you from everything dirty and awkward
    like it’s emptying you of everything you’ve been
    like it’s setting you free

  • taiga tsubasa commented on the post, tutor 2 years, 5 months ago

    tutor… more like TOOTER AMIRITE

  • i hadn’t hit it off with someone since the 5th grade
    why is it, i wonder, that i always get along better with people i can flirt with

  • taiga tsubasa commented on the post, disrepair 3 years ago

    everything is gliding past
    nothing is sticking anymore
    no footholds
    it’s all noise

  • taiga tsubasa commented on the post, piano 3 years, 2 months ago

    the sonorous sound
    i thought about moving my fingers across the keys
    i wondered if i’d remember.
    there was nobody quite so disappointed in me as my piano teacher.

  • just how much of your foundation do you lose when you realize that the feelings you’ve been following… for Years… are nothing more than cotton candy… melting from existence when you finally square up to Reality.

  • often the absence of light
    but for me it is cleansing
    in the sense that
    the flaws that it hides
    cease to exist in my eyes
    and my pupils widen

  • I like when words are used like abstract painting
    The colors, the placements don’t make sense until suddenly
    The entire picture

  • taiga tsubasa commented on the post, craft 3 years, 10 months ago

    are the pictures in my head even worth anything
    if i can’t spit them out into some physical form?
    is the love in my head even worth anything
    if i can’t touch you
    or be with you

  • i need better non-skid shoes

  • taiga tsubasa commented on the post, falter 5 years, 4 months ago

    i learned the beginning of clair de lune,
    i said, “i can turn my life around.”
    “i don’t want to crush your feelings,”
    i’m crying once a week; makes one weak, or because one is weak.
    move on and let go
    i don’t have patience or strength or common sense.

  • two paths diverged in a yellow wood and I
    I stirred the pot a little too frivolously

  • with nothing tangible to hold me to my (real) life
    i want to make up stories and pretend that people have seen me

  • taiga tsubasa commented on the post, brisk 6 years, 3 months ago

    the fuckin air
    sleeves are pulled down over my palms
    Christmas lights a string against

  • i just spilled hard lemonade all over my computer fmlsazdcx32dw

  • even a little question like “What are your hobbies?” will start an existential crisis because
    I don’t even do the things I like anymore,
    I don’t even like the things I like anymore.
    instead of all the artsy ambition-y things I’ve been interested in,
    I have to say, honestly, I spend my free time blogging and sleeping. just blogging and…[Read more]

  • failed a class, i felt really bad about it
    at first
    but meh
    going nowhere
    and pretty sure i’ve been pity-passed
    twice now
    i can’t do anything i’m not passionate about
    and i’m not sure what i’m passionate about anymore

  • “Because I’m trying to change.”
    i thought to myself, will i still do this if it doesn’t pan out? and i thought yeah, i will. and i am. i won’t be this careless and stupid person anymore. and next time, i’ll be ready.

  • taiga tsubasa commented on the post, timid 6 years, 5 months ago

    I’ve got something on my mind but it doesn’t feel right to say it,
    these blunt words
    lack meaning now maybe because
    i’ve used them so much,
    that sucks.
    “I feel an affinity with this person.” this is the first time
    i have said something this dumb
    and also known it to be this true.
    hahahahaha doramachikku