• He moves like the tide, steady, the push and pull of water on sand. His heavy breath and soft sounds are the whisper of wind and sea. His waves wash over me, and I’m drowning.

  • It was a simple suggestion, whispered into an ear, nothing too ridiculous or scandalous or outrageous. The implications it held, however, made it clear that the decision made in regards to that suggestion could […]

  • The bucket was the only thing that seemed to keep Daniel grounded anymore. He had taken to carrying it around with him, to cradling it in his arms in a dark corner with his lantern out, willing the frightening […]

  • Blood caked the skin around the wounds like the dry, crumbling mud banks of a raging river. It painted her all over, exaggerating her features with great streaks and fine lines of brilliant red. Her face was […]

  • Soup is the food of loneliness, the sustenance of bachelordom, the canned means to an end, devoid of all passion and pleasure that might otherwise make it a comfort food. It’s the one unrelenting presence in the […]

  • “It never would have worked out,” he said, somewhat apologetic even though he didn’t need to be. “We were just two different people; she was always looking forward, and I’m always looking back.” Interesting, that […]

  • I can see the fine cracks forming in her impenetrable mask, the fractures in her personality beginning to show. The way her smile seems too bright and wobbles at the edges, loose as though suspended from a broken […]

  • It stood, yawning at her feet, wide and deep and dark, this pit dug into the earth. It was scarred and jagged and rushed, not precisely cut like they would have been Before. It was just long and just wide enough […]

  • That’s it, that’s all I can take. I give up. I am tired of trying. I don’t care enough to keep at it anymore. The whole thing was a straw house, and that straw was the last one, it was the one that broke the […]

  • “It’s just this big quest, you know?” she whispered, voice low and smooth. She lay spread out on the grass beside him, the pair staring upward into the infinite oblivion of space, at hundreds of thousands of […]

  • The shades were just barely parted, allowing a slim sliver of soft silver light to slip into the room, sliding across the bed to lie intimately, tangentially, on her naked flesh and mirror the moon’s crescent […]

  • “A little self-diagnosis never hurt anyone,” she claimed, scrawling symptoms on a pad of paper, playing doctor-psychiatrist to her own inner demons. If only she could pinpoint the source of her neuroses, then […]

  • He kissed with medical precision, his lips firm and precise, his movements methodical and practiced. His hands spoke of his experience with a scalpel, strong and experienced but still gentle, as though you were […]

  • He breathed in evenly as he aligned the needle’s point with the taught flesh over the vessel, and held it when the point sunk in, biting his lower lip just so as he pushed down the plunger. He measured time under […]

  • (zombies ho!) They stood before her like some macabre shooting gallery, cold eyes and cold faces twisting slowly to look at her. Her handgun and its full clip felt unusually heavy in her hands, and she couldn’t […]

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    Laughter bubbled forth as if from a spring, spilling from her mouth uncontrollably. Her whole body shook with it, her lungs gasping and groveling for oxygen but never letting up from their task. She felt weak with it, entirely consumed and unable to resist it, and giving in to it felt so good. All the […]

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    There was a simple set of rules by which she led her life, in order to protect herself and minimize needless distractions from her chosen path in life. Rule number three: don’t get caught getting ahead. People hate that. Rule number two: don’t be a people-pleaser, be a leader, no matter what. Rule number one: […]

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    I play solitaire when I’m at my dad’s house, trying to find something of interest to do while he ignores me in favour of the same old re-runs on television that he has already seen and could still see again when I haven’t traveled thousands of miles with the express purpose of spending time with […]

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    The cardiac surgeon had a collection of preserved hearts in glass jars along the back wall of her office, each one displayed like a prize, the venous, fleshy muscle suspended in formalin a lackluster grey-brown shade now, with no blood left to keep it a beautiful red. A tongue-in-cheek legend had it that each one […]

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    Hearts are beautiful organs, most central to life and elegant in their own right. I prefer brains, myself, in terms of favourite organs because the brain is so much more complex and sophisticated, handles so much more and works in such wondrous ways, but I can appreciate the ingenius design of the heart, its proper […]