• Delirious i am Delirous
    so delirious I’m drowning it’s a deluge
    and where do i go
    where does she go
    drain of sweat and tears and lust and fallen friends
    and lovers and broken promises
    and burnt hair and bruises
    –things not seen

  • I am sympathetic, usually. Sometimes overly cloying sympathetic. Sarah said I should stop bothering her so much and let her deal with her own problems but I just can’t help myself. I can’t just help myself. My nosiness contributes… but I can’t bear to stand by while people are hurting.

  • Static. Static lightning crackles through my brain like a whip, white static noise shakes through my consciousness like a green tidal wave and I can’t take it it washes over me it is beautiful.
    My mind is static emotions all jumbled and when I look at others I see static but some time the static forms a face and I see their eyes.

  • My viewpoint is an odd one. I live on the brink of a cliff and I can’t see anyone else; there’s a fog, there’s a break in connection. They all have fog lamps, or x ray glasses or something but I don’t. It sucks. Sometimes I squint through the fog and I can see them, but other times my eyes get tired and the fog is thick and they can’t see me very…[Read more]