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    If you look through the hoop, you can see another universe. Nobody really thinks of going there, mind you. It’s merely amusing that you can see those green-and-blue people, weeping great tears, going about their lives without knowing we are watching. Sometimes I put the hoop on a nail on the wall. Other times I take it out and spin it on the road…[Read more]

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    Nicholas was the kind of person who substituted rage for reason, and for everything else as well. If you wished him a good morning, he informed you that it was neither good nor (any more) morning, and your effrontery was duly noted. His face was usually red, and his eyes bulged.

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    Veteran fencing is not full of veterans. It’s often populated by people who are massive novices, people who have come to fencing from no exercise at all, or from watching their children fence. They are eager, scared, excited, and participating in something fairly difficult for the first time in their lives. I love them.

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    Here’s to the liberation of the repressed pets of the world. Rise up and shed your collars, oh beautiful ones. March forth out your doggie doors, burst through the screens of your porches, leap happily out into traffic and frolic!

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    I avoided the train, but only just. As it pulled out of the station, I slowed to a walk, panting, looking as if I had tried my best to catch it, and then I stared after the retreating end of the car for a while before turning back.

    “Too bad,” said