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    The wagon bounced dangerously, threatening to overturn at any time as we seemed to hit every rock in our path. Still my pa didn’t slow down. Instead, the used the whip to spur the team to greater speed. I was in […]

  • The festival was noisy and chaotic, but I couldn’t afford to be distracted by the lights and sounds of the Midway. I was here for one reason and one reason only; to find her. My eyes scanned the crowd. And there […]

  • The beehive was abuzz; the angry bees indignant over the blatant invasion by the honey badger. But the honey badger didn’t care. He was getting stung like a thousand times. He wanted the larvae. How gross is that? And there was honey too. That’s where the honey badger took his name from. It was a […]

  • The downpour went unheeded as I stood out in it, head down, concentrating on my surroundings. There was lightening so therefore no thunder. The only sound was the falling rain. I waited. I was being hunted and I knew the rain wouldn’t stop the predator. And suddenly a stick cracked in the darkness. I whirled […]

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    The scout returned with less-than-good news. “We’re surrounded,” he said. “There are enemy strongholds to the north and west. There are snipers to our south, and machine gun positions to the east. There’s no way out, unless you can figure out a way to go straight up. His expression was priceless when I opened up […]

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    I stood on the avenue outside of the home where I grew up. It was the first time I’d been back in over a decade; not since I’d run away at the tender age of thirteen. I’d grown a lot since then, both physically and mentally. I didn’t know if he was inside or not. […]

  • The destruction caused by the crashing asteroid was devastating. Half of the North American continent was wiped off of the map in the blink of an eye. The other half went into immediate apocalyptic-type natural disasters, everything ranging from earthquakes to volcanoes. Tsunamis of earth-shattering proportion were on their way across the globe to do […]

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    When she gets in this mood, she’s truly a force to be reckoned with. It’s not that she’s mean, or ugly, or angry, or scary. She’s deliberate. And right now, as she’s sighting down the barrel of her handgun at me, she seemed much more deliberate than usual.

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    The poison was fast acting and painful, but slow to kill. Fire shot through my belly. Spasms wracked my limbs. My muscles clenched as they began to seize up, an unfortunate side effect from my perspective. It took every ounce of focus, every bit of will power that yet remained for me to make my […]

  • A tear began to fall even before he stepped back, off of the transporter pad. Of all the times, of all the places, of all the opportunities, he chose now to say he didn’t love me. We’d been a couple all through the academy. I’d helped him pass his finals. He never could have done […]

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    I swung with all I had, and I missed. The follow-through threw me off balance and I knew I was vulnerable. Although it was a baseball bat I’d swung, I wasn’t actually playing baseball. I was trying to take the head off of the guy I’d just caught in bed with my wife. He’d pulled […]

  • She didn’t understand. It wasn’t punishment. It was a lesson. Here, now, it was a lesson in a safe environment. Later, out in the real world, it wouldn’t be safe, and it wouldn’t be a lesson. It would be life or death. And for some reason I couldn’t make her understand this. It made me […]

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    As I opened my eyes, the glare of the light seemed to be unbearable. I tried to lift my hands to rub my eyes, but I couldn’t. My hands were bound. I blinked repeatedly and as my eyes adjusted to the light, I could see that it was just a single, bare bulb that dangled […]

  • The water hadn’t even reached the boiling point, but the heat and steam were already cooking the naked body suspended above. I begged, I pleaded for them to release her, but they told me that time had passed. They knew, as did I, that it was a hoax. They were the ones who embezzled from […]

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    It could not have been a more perfect day. I remember it vividly. It was the third Sunday in July. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky. I had angus burgers and wings cooking on the grill; an ice cold beer in my hands as I turned the wings and flipped the burgers. And then […]

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    I found his attitude amusing, standing there in all of his naked glory, fists in front of his face, ready to defend himself and the woman he’d fornicating with only moments ago. When the pepper spray hit his face, his attitude only changed slightly, but when it hit his privates, he turned into a blithering […]

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    I used the heel of my left hand to swipe the tears from my eyes, holding the revolver with my right. And although the tears had been swept aside, the underlying emotions still blurred my vision. My arm, and the gun had been slipping down; I brought it back up to bear, threatening my posture. […]

  • Not to get too specific, but it seems to me that it was “you” who said that we needed to head for Mexico. And now, after days of hard riding, we have a posse standing between us and the Rio Grande. And now you want to bitch about it? It’s a wonder I don’t just […]

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    It came down to one basic fact; I need to drink blood. And it has to be live, human blood. All of the new, politically correct vampire stories would have you believe that we can drink pig’s blood, or blood that has been donated to a blood bank. We can’t. We can only take it […]

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    Easy, but I was not cheap. My employers paid handsomely. And well they should, for I didn’t just fulfill a contract. I made it worth everyone’s while. I didn’t just kill the target. I wined and dined him. I seduced him. I gave him his last night of ecstasy. It was my trademark. And I […]