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    The dead flower sat directly beneath the only ray of light filtering through the bleachers. The day was filled with the kind of heat that destroyed hope and made your shirt dark with sweat. The glare made it hard to watch the game in front of her. Well, that and the agonizingly awful plays the little guys were making.

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    She screamed out within the void of her mind. Her skin glistened with sweat as she waited for the verdict. He would go free, she just knew it. All she had said would be for nothing. It wouldn’t matter to the jury that she had seen him kill that poor girl.

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    Suzie sighed. Not one person had told her Happy Birthday. Not even her mother. Suzie was depressed. there was no other way to put it. How could no one remember her birthday? The question haunted her endlessly. What Suzie didn’t know was that a surprise party was prepared for the very next day.

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    Gaily groaned as she snipped yet another dead rose bud off the bright green bushes. Her father had enlisted her help with the family business earlier that week, and Gaily was already sick of it. But alas, she was stuck until this fantastic garden was perfectly plucked and ready for summertime.

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    The bird flew confidently through the air, a tangible feeling of assurance hanging in the sky. The bird was a predator. A bald eagle clutching a poor mouse withing its talons. The sharp bite had already ended the unfortunate rodents life.

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    Julie snarled. She just COULD NOT believe the nerve of this guy! Why the hell anyone would think it was okay to yell at some poor innocent girl walking along the street about her breasts was something she would never understand. Not a big deal, nothing more than a trifle they said. Well, there was no way this so innocent.

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    Being the third person to get the flue in her family, charlie knew exactly what she had waiting for her. She was really dreading the accelerated fever and the monstrous headache.

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    Amy screamed and threw her pencil against the wall. She slammed her hand against the table and shoved all her hard work to the floor. There was no way in hell she was going to use the damn stencil again.

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    Gabriela sat at a desk. Her perfectly straightened hair hung over her shoulders and fell in lengths onto her piles of paperwork. The office was modern, with clean lines, and simple decorations.

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    Sarah screamed and beat her hands against the cold leather arm rests. Her hair was lank and dirty, her eyes wild and crusty. She looked like misery personified. Her skin was pale and waxy, with red scratch marks marring her entire body. The clothes she once wore had disintegrated into rags. Her wailing ceased suddenly and her body fell slack in…[Read more]

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    IF she hadn’t jumped that day. If she had taken just one more deep breath. If she had gotten one more smile. If she hadn’t felt like she was already dead inside. If she hadn’t cut that first time. If she had gotten just one more bar of chocolate at lunch. If she had known one more person cared.Then maybe she would have changed the world.

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    Jennifer bit the end of her pencil. Soon there would be nothing left but a gnawed stub. Her hair was falling tremulously out of its ponytail and a circle of coffee surrounded her lips.

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    Miley froze. Her heart pounded out a drumbeat in her ears. she could see the disappointed eyes around her as she struggled for the words. They just wouldn’t swim through the butterflys in her stomach and spring fully formed from her mouth.

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    Meanwhile, the girl stared at the ticking of the clock. Her stare was vacant, her eyes incredibly dull for a little girl. The girl was no more than eleven years old and her long white shift only enhanced the innocence of her form.

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    Running from the enemy. She sprinted down the ass vault path, the heavy footsteps of soldiers behind her. She weaved through the compound, a foreboding feeling heavy within her soul coupled neatly with seven shades of panic. She had come to the conclusion that she was in a restricted area and that she really shouldn’t have snuck in that night.

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    The wind howled with vicious ferocity. The girl cowered beneath her fathers worn out coat. She could feel the wind deep down in her very bones. It was killing her. The noise was killing her. She couldn’t think, she couldn’t breathe. She didn’t know what she was going to do in the next thirty seconds before her inevitable death and honestly she didn’t care.

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    The band started playing, their voices raised in triumphant praise. Shirley frowned, he really hated trumpets. Well he didn’t exactly hate them, but they did get on his nerves. Especially when they were praising something so silly.

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    The little girl smiled, the sun glistening off her already sunburned cheeks. The sand was caked sloppily on her hands. Her mother lay bathing in the sun behind her and the little girl smiled. From my point of view they looked like the perfect little family of two.

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    She sighed, the sound low and bereft of hope. The morning was long and she was still tired. She waited for the toaster to ding and sipped her coffee. The bereft feeling she kept bottled up inside visible for only a moment before it was interrupted by the ring of her finished toast.

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    She was so angry. Just the kind of angry that makes you want to simultaneously cry and scream. She was just so sick of always getting back up. She had had to deal with so many injuries. She just could not handle it anymore.