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    John sat upright in bed, gasping for air, heart beating erratically in his chest. He hadn’t had a nightmare like this in ages, his traumatic night terrors vanishing after taking up adventuring with his flat mate. […]

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    Sherlock quickly accepted that he was very much alone in his life. It was okay. He was just Sherlock, loner, consulting detective, genius, and he was very good at being that all by himself.

    Then, along came […]

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    John didn’t know why he couldn’t get rid of it. It was a little creepy, carrying a skull around. But there was something sacred about it, hallowed, and John couldn’t bring himself to throw it away. Sentiment, he […]

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    Lestrade ran his hands through his hair, frustrated. He didn’t want to believe that Sherlock could have been the one who did it, but there was some conclusive evidence and the only alibi the detective seemed to […]

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    When he sees the paper on the wall outside the hotel he immediately rips it off, clutching it in his hands until it crinkles in his grasp. This can’t be real. Is this a trick? He can feel his heart pounding […]

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    Sebastian Moran was his warrior, his muscle man, his gladiator. If Jim needed somebody killed, Sebastian was the man for the job. If someone was being stingy with their evidence, well, Sebastian would get it out […]

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    It was that look in his eyes again, peering over the top of his newspaper. Daddy always read the paper, even though he always muttered about how much boring rubbish there was in it. There was nothing but scorn in […]

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    Sherlock scowled down at the food on his plate, clear displeasure etched into his every feature. John laughed. “It’s escargot, ‘Lock.”

    “It’s… snails,” Sherlock said, slowly. He pushed the plate away. “I won’t […]