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    The emperor stood still, petrified at the sound of music he was hearing. Never in his life has he heard such sweet melody. And here she was, this mysterious woman, a slave nonetheless, producing the most beautiful sounds he has ever had the pleasure of hearing.

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    She let go of her daughter’s hands for the last time in her life. All she could think about while walking away was how they were always going to be called orphans from now on. And it was all her fault.

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    “Let’s go to the cinema!” she said, excitement showing all over her face. “Let’s go watch a movie together!”
    “I’d love that. I would really love that” he said, feeling a seed of hope growing inside him for the first time in two decades.

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    To disect someone’s heart into tiny little pieces, tiny puzzle pieces that won’t fit back together no matter how hard one would try, that is the the worst thing you can do.

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    She knew the native language but still had difficulties putting the words together. They were there, in her head, just jumbled up in a mixture that didn’t make much sense. She could not utter a word in front of the screaming policeman.

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    She opened the freezer to see what was left there, and found a pack of frozen veggies. It instantly reminded her of the last time she cooked veggies with him, and grilled some chicken with lemon. It was one of their best days ever.

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    He was tracking the scars on her body with the tip of his fingers, as if he was playing connect the dots on her damaged skin. In his eyes, she was perfect. To him, every single one of those scars yelled out her strength, her compassion, her willingness to not be beaten down, to not give up on life. She was everything he could hope to become…[Read more]

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    To slip into unconsciousness is
    To slip in a long awaited dream,
    A dream that you wished for and longed for
    Long before you even know it existed
    When all that existed was a simple thought
    A thought about a wish about a dream about
    A slip into unconsciousness.

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    The sniper sat on the roof waiting for his shot. Gun armed, the familiar click giving the green light. The target was spotted right by the phone booth, at the right time and in the right place. Later on, they were going to say at the news that he just happened to be in the wrong place at the right time. ‘How ironic’ the sniper thought right before…[Read more]

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    She blasted his brains all over the back wall, threw away the gun and walked out the door, never to return again. With one bang, she said goodbye to her dead husband, her life and her heart.

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    The director called him into his office. He had no idea what to expect. Much less see his daughter waiting there, blouse unbuttoned, telling him in a very stern voice: “Sit down!”. Takes after her father, he thought.

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    While trying to embellish the necklace he wanted for his girlfriend I couldn’t help but think of all the stories he would make up in his mind to tell her, so that she would fall for him, and especially in his bed. Oh, how men love to twirl with out minds and embellish their lies, just like jewelry.

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    Getting stalled for your own ceremony is no easy task. No siree! People would have to go through a hell and back to manage to stall me from walking up on that podium and getting my prize. And yet, he managed to do that. And to this day it boggles me.