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    What are you building? Or even, WHY are you building?
    I spend my days reading and working and learning and growing but the outcomes are ever more unclear, the blueprints are fading and the engineers are gone and I find myself building just for the sake of building. Building because I feel into construction and it’s all I know, not because there’s…[Read more]

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    Don’t tell the scientists – or the entomologists – but there’s really only one difference between moths and butterflies: beauty.
    The world is becoming increasingly mothy; society is dark and our hearts are ugly. We swarm, frenzied, around whichever light shines brightest now, fighting for its attention, achieving nothing. Musicians, athletes,…[Read more]

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    “I’m afraid to say he isn’t really very… involved.” Her eyes bore deep into mine as if to drive her meaning telepathically. I knew what she meant, regardless of her steely gaze. What she means to say, of course, is that young Alfie doesn’t have a lot of friends. She means to say that the teachers have ‘tried everything’ but he just doesn’t want…[Read more]

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    Soft and precious, like the beautiful silk weavings of ancient women worlds away, no less mysterious to me than the stars in the night sky, her hand brushed against mine; the poignant breath and the whisper in her eye cried into our shared moment of silence, and then was gone.

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    The screens between us weren’t sufficiently robust – still the light glared through from the setting sun behind, silhouetting the blood as it splattered upon the waxen sheets which hung loosely from their rusted frames; still the anguished screams pierced these pathetic curtains as the work began before the anesthetic had made its heroic race to…[Read more]

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    Like bonfires in deep November they burned across the city, these pockets of broken humanity. The bats would flit between them, known but unseen, and chatter their secret speech across the skies. The last of our schools and hospitals burning to the ground, their forgotten value just embers on the scorched politic.

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    You see them in the street or in the park, parading their greedy opulence without shame or penitence. And their indulgence is not merely physical – it’s the mind that’s sick that makes the wallet spill over with its decadent obscenity. Selfishness is the sickness of the 21st century.

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    He looked tired as he mixed the cookie dough in a bowl. I knew it, given the bags under his eyes. I was sitting in my chair in the kitchen thinking of mom, who was still at the hospital being taken care of. He glanced at me and then winked with a beaten smile. It took me a while to smile back.

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    There were stress marks in the folds of the knees and the seat was wearing thin. The coarse weight of the wet denim clung to his thighs like a leech, and the buckle of his belt was rusty and scarred and the cuff gathered over his boot. He poked two weathered thumbs through the loops of the waist and clung to them like he clings to this image of…[Read more]

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    The cracks and crevices in the terrain of my furrowed face are not unlike those in which I lay for months on end, barren and wasted and lifeless. My finger still coils around the ghost of the trigger like the snakes that writhed in that desert, and no more tears have fallen on these cheeks than raindrops fell on that ground.
    For what felt like an…[Read more]

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    Never forget to say I love you.

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    There’s an ugly irony to gratitude.
    See, it’s always seemed to me that those of us who are most privileged – the ones who have the most to be grateful for – we tend to be the least grateful ones. And I’ve even been to those slums where there’s a boy just grateful to have a pair of shoes to wear, even if they don’t fit; grateful for a seat in a…[Read more]

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    Aren’t we all just a little bit deranged? In some way or another. There’s that twitch in our stare and how we obsessively post and stalk. The internet…

  • Please demonstrate the mission with stealth. Do not be seen. You are the shadows brought in by the wind. Cloaked with night and death your guiding sight, the mission will not fail.

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    I have to say, I’m baffled. Only today I used the word ‘baffled’ in a lesson, and it became the word of the day because so many pupils had never come across it before. As if that wasn’t baffling enough, it’s now also oneword’s word of the day. Coincidence? Divine? Certainly baffling.

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    God is supposed to open doors for people, and show them love and compassion and forgiveness. If God really is what the Westboro Baptist Church claims He is, I’d rather die than live on His earth.

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    I love the extra five seconds he gave me.
    “I wish I could,” he had said.
    “Oh well,” I had responded, “next time.”
    And as I walked back to Elle’s car, I turned around and saw him watching me, looked dejected and sorry and sad. His skinny shoulders slightly stooped, his eyebrows creased with both worry and confusion, like he was trying to look…[Read more]

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    I would rather snort bologna than continue feeling this way.