• I don’t know that I even remember what a montage is …. does … or whatever. Is this the word for a conglomeration of scraps of memories for mobiles or other collective art? Oh wait … does that make any sense? Oops … out of time … :(

  • Remember … I like this word … I remember my dad and my baby brother …. I remember the birth of my daughter … these are good memories. The memories are what keeps me sane and going. I wish I had a lot of good memories, but most of what I remember isn’t as good […]

  • Sideburns … that’s an odd word … I had sideburns when I was younger .. looked terrible … mutton chops were even worse … make you look like a cave man with a bad comb under … the world could do without sideburns … LOL.

  • Despair … what a lonely word … it brings to mind heartache, and feelings of total worthlessness. Its a word I’d like to strike from my vocabulary … it’s a word that the world needs to find a cure for.

  • Doug Swanson commented on the post, mint 7 years, 12 months ago

    Mint is kind of an obnoxious word in my estimation … do you talk about the flavor mint … what fun is there in that … maybe talking about something costing a mint would be so much better .. at least it would be worth something. HA, HA!

  • Doug Swanson commented on the post, booth 8 years ago

    OK .. same as yesterday … still have no clue what to do with the word … it just is … maybe its a phone booth .. for the “doctor” … ha, ha. is it blue? is it bigger inside than out .. does it make noises when you close the door?

  • Doug Swanson commented on the post, booth 8 years ago

    Booth? What can you do with booth … is it something to sit in … or someone to talk to … or someone who shot the president? A booth can be animal and mineral and what else .. does it make any difference?