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    He came bounding down the stairs wagging his bushy tail as drool flew out of the side of his little puppy mouth. The new dog curled up against my one year old son on the floor. They has become the best of friends. Lately they’ve been almost inseparable.

  • He straightened his bowtie and stepped out of the TARDIS doors to see the busy city of London bustling about below the high building top the ship had landed on. This was a wonderful day of adventure for the Doctor himself and he couldn’t wait a second longer to get started.

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    I know that I should be doing this paper. I know that it is due tomorrow. I hate that word, Due. It hovers over you smothering you like a dense ocean of stress, I like to watch due dates fly by as I fail to meet them. I know I could turn it in on time, I know there isn’t much better to do. But every time I sit down to write I find that my cat…[Read more]

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    Its time. Its due. I put it off again and again and now I simply cannot put it off any long. It is due today and I have to give it to her. The worst paper I’ve ever written. My grad is sure to be a terrible one.