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    The orange groves spent their sweet scent on the air he took in. He hugged the orange tree as if it were the only thing to cling to in a sea of sharks. The Police officer’s searchlight swept the grove in the dark from the driver side window of his patrol car looking for the young man that committed the crime of wanting to have fun on a night that…[Read more]

  • Oh, so you have graced her with your love?
    Yes, and she has received it with great appreciation.

  • upon discovering his own sexuality, billy began touching himself profusely. he touched himself in the bath, at the grocery store, in a womens changing room at a dilliards, and during confession at at church.

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    The metro rail whirred by smooth and painless. He looked out the window thinking of her. she was lost to him from the moment they met. He had been trying to get back to her fromt then on. she was like a distant dream that he thought up and created yet, he had no way of controlling her, and that was his mistake.

  • Something altered his perception of her right then, it was as if her physical had been broken, rearranged and put back together as it never had before.

  • As I walked in the funeral home, I was entranced by the fragrant flowers and the shiny sleek polished wood of the display coffins. I approached the the blackest coffin of the bunch, and felt the satin material […]

  • people are always staring at me, with their big dumb cow eyes. they have no soul, I can tell. they shuffle about waiting for the world to hand them something they dont deserve, or waiting to just plain die. My […]

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    I want to write about crust.
    Crust is the best part of anything. it compliments the rest by being it’s dryest. it is where all the flavor goes. it consists of the rejects of the dish. it is superb, beneficial […]

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    mmmmodem? mmmutherfucker. I forgot my goddamn modem. I walked back to the library to get what I had forgotten, when a stunning red head…

  • his engine roared as he slid inside. she felt the red hot rush of heat emanating off his chest. he hungered for her. he flung into third gear, giving no notice or warning. it was more than she could handle. she […]

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    the bench was wet when she sat down but she didnt care. the cold leftover rain drops seeped into her jeans, and it sent a shiver up her spine. she sat in an almost comatose state staring at the passers by, and the cars humming slowly around the parking lot. some kids ran by, giggling […]

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    the lillies in danced gently in the breeze. a bird chirped excitedly in a tree overhead. it was all so peaceful, he could barely contain the urge to throw his arms out and spin wildly until he collapsed on the fresh, soft grass. he continued walking instead. the sun warmed his his shoulders and he […]

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    the view from the miranda was incredible. she gasped as a gust of wind cleansed her of any apprehensions she had about coming here. she was joined by the strong arms of her husband wrapping around her. she giggled as he nuzzled at the nape of her neck. ‘stop..’ she said playfully. she gasped again, […]

  • the slouch in the chair infurated her. she yelled at him. he didint move. she threw her wine bottle at him. he didnt move. she kicked the chair he was sitting in. he didnt move. she climbed up on the coffee table in front of him. lifted up her skirt, and in all her drunken […]

  • laughter rang out in the cathedral. the father jerked his head up, one eyebrow raised. he was sitting in the office, studiously working on something when he heard the laughter. it wasnt children’s laughter, thats what seemed so strange to him. he got up from his desk. took five careful steps to the door, and […]

  • he shuffled his feet nervously under his desk. he had no idea what her name was. but he couldnt stop staring at the back of her head. he wished so hard that she would turn around. mabye then she would flash him a smile. his heart fluttered.

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    he left the bar a quarter past ten. he was tired of staring at those lonely faces. he got in his car and drove. he just drove aimlessly around, his mind spinning. he felt as if he couldnt get his head around the reality of it all. the distance he felt from the world. he […]

  • her name was orchestra. she had the darkest eyes he had ever seen. she took his hand in hers, and lead him downstairs to the basement. as they descended, he realized he could smell something pungent. the origin of the odor eluded him as he struggled to recognize it. suddenly he felt light-headed. just then, […]

  • he was beginning to feel like a total failure. he sat and drummed his fingers against the steel counter top. he shook with anger and frustration. he walked away, only thinking of going to bathroom to relieve himself, but instead he saw the door. he walked towards it. he didnt stop. he walked right out […]

  • the beginning of the end they said. the beginning of something new he thought. as he walked out into the sunlight. he realized he was leaving all his creature comforts behind. a feeling of panic dug into him like a dull blade.