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    With just one deep inhale of breath before beginning his speech, the atmosphere seemed to vacuum all noise until the drop of a needle vibrated the walls. As if a mixture of fear and awe stole the mouths of the entire audience, the room echoed and reverberated with every word he preached. His confidence, undeniable. His eloquence, enviable. Dr.…[Read more]

  • The face of a politician consists that of a furrowed brow digging deep into his skull, frown lines endlessly stretching across the plains of his facial skin, and cold, watchful eyes barren of any warmth or compassion, like that of a dessert desperately crying for rain to quench its barren mouth.

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    Feeling the heavy pull on my legs like a quick-sand pool full of mercury, I trudged through my obstacles slowly, helplessly, and alone. Not until a blinding beam of light entrenched my entire vision, did I hear a powerfully divine yet gentle voice addressing me. “Child,” the Lord insisted, “Let me help you out of your misery. For now one, you…[Read more]

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    A girl who does not speak too much, who laughs with control, who maintains her poise and posture throughout all situations. Someone who does not voice her opinions or contradict patriarchal decisions. Is this what the “ideal female” has come to?

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    When you set your eyes on the bulls-eye target, live the moment to its fullest potential. Tightly grip the bow-and arrow in your clench hands, feel the tense pulling of the string, and allow your eyes to linger hungrily at nothing but the center of the red-and-white board. Remember, there’s only a sure-fire way to live life, and that’s by never…[Read more]

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    She had stumbled into a magical realm where vines slept lazily between towering palm trees that stood paralyzed in a morning stretch towards heaven’s own spiraling staircase. Even the slightest touch of whimsical feeling could be felt in the mushy, rich soil that crept and slithered between her toes.

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    She could do nothing but stand helplessly and watch the fire within his heart envelop everything in its path, consuming his dreams with endless hunger, destroying the relationships and bridges of trust he spent countless years building. As the flames danced around and cackled at the sight of the chaos and destruction, she stood paralyzed as a…[Read more]

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    On the outside lies the tempting image of a juicy red delicious apple, shining in its glory with its luminous skin. But just one bite sends a reeking chill down your spine as the taste of rotting corpses and organs slithers down your throat.

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    The warmth of tender embraces and the echoes of laughter fill every tile of Christmas air. People say ’tis the season, but must we really need a holiday to remind us to hold tighter to the woman who gave us life? Or to spend just a moment’s longer lingering upon the blessings that lightly dance around us?

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    Plumes of flames shot all ablaze in explosive columns from the earth’s rocky surface. Tidal waves roared as they mercilessly charged the shore’s lines. For the first time in ages, linguistic barriers disintegrated like multitudes of dying pixels as every living creature, whether human or not, understood judgement day had arrived; their time of…[Read more]

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    Both the sun and the moon shared one last glance. The sun exclaimed to the moon, “Your gentle loveliness shines brighter than I ever could. You make couples dance beneath your beams, nature sings at your arrival, you wrap a blanket of security around Earth’s curves.” At this, the moon couldn’t help but whisper, “But, Sun, you’re forgetting that…[Read more]

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    There it stood. Lifeless, dull, and inanimate. Slumped over with a lonely expression on its face, like that of an abandoned object, once belonging to someone, once loved, nurtured, and cared for, it stared only at the austere concrete floor despite the beads of tears streaming down its tender cheek.

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    I completely lost myself in his eyes that sparkled like dancing stars in the vastly expansive, twinkling night sky. “Deborah,” he whispered. My heart skipped beat, for a moment I forgot to inhale. He knew my name? In this moment of mentioning my presence, I stuttered my incomprehension. “How do you know who I am?” With those embracing eyes of his,…[Read more]

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    With my eyes gently closed and with a just one tiny taste, I thought I had seen little bursts of multicolored fireworks flash before my eyes. It has been way too long, I silently mused, since I had savored Momma’s home-made lemon-grass rotisserie chicken. All I could hear my taste buds whisper was, “Welcome back home.”

  • In the stark white cell, she laid down her hands spread across the expansive walls that contained her freedom, her rights, her voice. But to others, she was only a nutcase rightfully condemned to this mental institution, God’s rightful punishment for her alleged heinous crimes. Only thing was, nobody knew her heart was painted with only the purest…[Read more]

  • The bank tellers scrambled about as black-robed thieves held handguns in the air. “Get down everybody get down! Do as we tell you and nobody will be harmed!” Shaking like a wet dog, one employee, with droplets of sweat dripping down his face and lips nervously murmuring quick prayers, he reluctantly jingled his keys to unlock the massive vault of money.

  • Somebody once told me, “You, my child, are destined for great things.” Me? An insignificant nobody with flaws that outnumber the sprinkles of sand on the beach? Me? A girl with no talents, no strengths, no power? Yes, me. I’m somebody who will make the stars shine brighter, the birds sing louder, the sun blaze more passionately. I am that somebody…[Read more]