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    Her face felt weak, which was interesting enough as far as faces go. Usually they could feel numb, as if there was winter nipping at one’s cheeks. This was not one of those cases. She was happy, eternally so, yet […]

  • Her eyes gleamed at the very sight of the sparkling orb before her. Shora had finally found the salvation she had been yearning for throughout her century in the afterlife. In a desolate desert of post-death, it […]

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    In the strange comfort of the basement, she twiddled her thumbs and gazed up at the ceiling. It was strewn with chains and hooks on all of the outermost edges. She sighed deeply before beginning to ponder why she […]

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    She took a step forward, her lip slowly bitten in hesitation. She hadn’t seen a man such as this before, and she certainly couldn’t find a thought in her head about what to actually do with one such as he. All she […]

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    I was walking in a flower patch recently. It wasn’t your ordinary, everyday flower patch, per se. There was something a bit more mystical about it, although you would think that flower patches are very much the same in that way. However, the lillies were in full bloom, and a sort of iridescent dust floated […]

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    There was a body in the trunk of the ’57 chevy oldsmobile. You can’t make trunks as solid as those, you know. That’s the irrelevant part. The body belonged to a woman, a 25 year old woman named Sandra. She liked to take walks at night. Little did she know it where it would land […]

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    One day I was on a bridge, when there was a hefty accident that resembled a stream of other incidents. Soon after, everyone died in a specific order. Do you see how terrible this is? My soul would cry, and it could, especially as I am dead now. Along with everyone else. Tears. Cry. Le […]