• dbeagle1022 commented on the post, cinema 5 years ago

    I sat there, engrossed in the images on the screen before me.
    The glamour, the sophistication.
    The innocent portrayal of love and compassion.
    And then the twist, the underlying evil, the twisted cynicism.
    The old movies captivate me.

  • dbeagle1022 commented on the post, unkempt 5 years ago

    They rushed the school yard, 4 year-old’s racing toward the fun that have been dying to have.
    Unkempt clothes, hair, shoes on backwards. They did not care.
    Their teacher told them it was time to play outside and they were anxious and full of pure joy at the prospect.

  • dbeagle1022 commented on the post, dissect 5 years ago

    They looked at each other, fear in their eyes.
    Did they really have to cut into this poor lifeless creature?
    It is for science. If done properly it is respectful.

    How can that be!
    How can we mutilate this animal to see what others have already shown before?

  • dbeagle1022 commented on the post, televised 5 years ago

    They stood there, hand in had, in one of the most impressive and powerful moments of television history.
    They took each other into the hearts and minds forever. Gay, Straight, inter-racial.
    The power of it, was amazing.