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    I lack for nothing that I can think of right at this moment. Still, I am occupied typing lots of words in one minute, so it is hard to think of other things. If i did lack for something, I could possibly ask for it for Father’s Day. But I don’t really want to put a financial burden on my young children. Better that they save for a house or their…[Read more]

  • I was a professional. This meant that I was getting paid for doing something that other people did voluntarily. It also meant I had standards to live up to. The standards were set by a body which I paid lots of […]

  • It was a wide, sweeping view, with a glint of ocean and a splash of white cloud. He’d bought the block decades ago, when it was just isolated windswept bush. Now it was cleared, with an impregnable stone monument to superannuation. You could see a long way from there, although I would have preferred to […]

  • Don’t slouch, the teacher / parent / authority figure used to always say. But there was never any compelling reason given as to why we couldn’t slouch. Were were going to turn out badly? Have chronic back problems? Be unable to be accepted in polite society? Well I slouched whenever I could, and no calamity […]

  • We had to do a shuffle to get the fox and the chickens across the river without incident. We had to take the fox over first, and leave it to its own devices while we returned for the chickens. Or perhaps it was the chickens first, and leave the fox to its own devices. I […]

  • Our hearts are broken, but we will never give in! Or so we said. But with our hearts broken there was the small matter of how to transport oxygen and nutrients to the cells and how to remove carbon dioxide and wastes from the bloodstream. None of us were expert in that area although Doug […]

  • A shepherd is a bump that removes an opposition from the contest in AFL football. There are legal shepherds and illegal shepherds. Perhaps in the old days there were legal and illegal shepherds. It all depended on the shepherd registration authority. Those who had lost more than on livestock per month for the last six […]

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    The salt spray licked up and the roaring swell was not far behind. The boat heaved and rocked and those without solid purchase were sent sprawling across the deck. Sails were shredded by the wind and the mast looked fragile. Another evening in the bathtub with the terrible twins.

  • He leaned into the driving rain and propelled himself forward. The wind bustled and sheets of newspaper flew past him into a black gloom. It wasn’t his sort of weather to be out in – and it wasn’t even his life that would be in danger if he stayed.

  • He paused, and wondered whether he should step over the prostrate body, or ask whether she needed help. None of the others seemed to have paid her any attention. The fact that he had paused at all indicated that there was something different about him. And so, he bent down and offered a simple gesture […]

  • She’s got a ticket to ride, as the song said, but she’s waiting for her uncle who had to brush some gelato off her little brother’s jacket, and has now been distracted by some ducks that wandered past looking casual. Still, the ride would be oh so short, and all of this anticipation was adding […]

  • Violet buregarde was a character in Willy Wonka’s factory I do believe, and I can’t remember much about her except that she met an untimely end, like most of the other characters except for Charlie. Roald certainly had a macabre edge to him, and it seemed to resonate with many children out there.

  • He had a violent urge to …. do do what? He wasn’t sure. To do something that would distract him from this moment and this situation that appalled him. Why he was here, and who had talked him into boarding this unseaworthy vessel was another story altogether …

  • She sat on the soft sand as the locals patiently braided and decorated her hair. Immediately she was swamped and surrounded by every tout, market seller and craftsperson on the island … “you like … I give good price”

  • June 30. After 364 days of defrauding, cheating, lying and cunnningly conniving, he decided, on behalf of corporations and men in suits he had hardly met, to be honest – with their tax returns.

  • As honest as they come but nobody wanted to talk to him anyway. They misinterpreted his honesty as lack of depth, as plainness, as lack of spark.

  • In between running towards the surf and swimming past the breakers … the last thing I could do properly before I was out in the deep sea.