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    basically, you’re screwed. what you thought was going to happen never happened. you planned and planned for all the possible outcomes, all except for reality. lesson to be to be learned: accept reality, not the stories you tell yourself.

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    it was a coward’s blow. it was conjured from vile and corruption, a bitterness that he was unable to swallow against his furious wrath. he struck from behind, a poison blade to the spinal cord, leaving the target grasping for life.

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    he wept along the long walk home. full of confrontation and pain, the keychain jangled in his pocket, in sync with each step. it rang aloud as a lonely vessel of doubt, as his body wandered and faded into the midnight hour of the city.

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    Gave made me a mango mojito. I wanted more. I actually took a fork out and dug through the ice so I could eat all of the sweet mango scattered throughout the glass. Ice cubes, out of the way!!!

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    the electricity zipped up his arm like a catapult. the knife swing missed the mark, it smoked and sparked as he shook and drooled all over his new suit.

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    She closed the circle and stepped into her post-ritual robes. The heavy scent of sage and meadowsweet filled the air. She focused on grounding her energies, a radiant sphere of golden light sinking into the floor.

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    He shuffled the painted cards, concentrating on the magic he needed to produce for the monstrosity quickly advancing upon him. On most days, he fumbled with the elements due to lack of concentration, but at this moment he was forced to become attuned with the powers that be. He summoned a water beast to absorb […]

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    I wish I could invent a machine that would alert me to people whom would eventually make me wish I had ever agreed to help them.

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    Our emotions become a tangled web when relationships are involved. The he said, she said mentality is always self-absorbed. Why can’t we all just get along? She said: You gonna pick up that spilled food off the floor? He said: Don’t you see I am going to get a paper towel? Give me one second […]

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    I saw the beacon of light from beyond the curtain of spectral fog… its dim, diffused glow giving me little guidance against the impeding darkness. i stepped carefully, anticipating a misstep into a harrowing abyss, a plunge into eternal misfortune of my erroneous choices.

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    drip drip drip down my chin, the chocolate saliva of yesteryear. the sweet milky substance that forms my lifeblood. childhood swimming lessons and little league competitions all take place within each bite.