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    In the middle of the night, I awoke to the sound of crickets. Something else woke me though. It was my conscience. It was the lack of remorse I had when I told him I no longer loved him. I have had a drought of care since he stopped caring.

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    I looked off in the distance at the way he rode away on his black horse. It was at that moment that another young man came riding up to me on a white horse.

    Yes, this one would be different…he would last.

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    She set up the dress, the shoes, and the items to fix her hair. The date was going to be great. The only thing was she couldn’t get her mind off him. The one she lost. This date will be her decoy to get her mind off the real issue; dispair.

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    That strange sound came from the T.V. The sound that lulls me to to this new world I create in my head every time I see a new episode. I love that sound. It is my lullaby. I can’t see how I could live without it.

  • I woke up one morning and found a way to stay up. It was a world that I not longer wanted to be living in. I fabricated a new one. I quit that shit job, walked out my room, and moved to another state.

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    Somehow I’ve managed to keep my wits about me. That eternal struggle with figuring out who I am. Who I need to become. I really don’t understand how I managed to miss so many indicators that I would not be like my mother, or my sperm donor…or any one else. I was eternally me….eternally me.

  • That presence. That eerie feeling of being watched. He needed help and lots of it. Somehow, he managed to push that help away.

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    There was something weird about this trial. No one seemed to think logically. She stood there and waited for their verdict. This was all a dream, and it seemed like there was no end to this rabbit hole. Why did […]

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    For so many this word is considered “over used”, but in my reality, it needs to be used more often. I am in a large love triangle with the words “epic” and “adventure”. It’s quite sad when you think about it. Oh […]

  • My heart is folded for every guy I’ve ever loved. Its this weird accordion that will always be this black hole. I’ll always need more love…but I do love back. Funny how that works.

  • The end of the road glistened as I drove down the highway. I wondered the whole way if he would appreciate the hours on end I’ll end up driving. I then think of all the possible things that could happen when I get there. Maybe he’ll be busy with another girl. Maybe he won’t want […]

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    I see the savage in the mirror. I see it day in and day out. I can’t seem to get the image out my head. I’ll never be able to change the image…or ever lose the thought that I’m anything but one.

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    I sat there in the chair. My thoughts clamping me to it. I couldn’t believe what was going on. The baby mama’s of my cousins were too much for me to handle. Their stairs were like knives. They weren’t any more important as I was, but they made it seem other wise.

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    I deserve all the wonderful things in this life just as much as the moron sitting next to me in the student union…but I will not get that. Not as easily as others. I will have to fight for the right to deserve anything. Hence the reason I will probably never get married.

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    Dim is the mixture of light and dark that has swallowed my life. If the there is too much light, i become disoriented. If there is too much darkness i get lost.

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    I want to take the left and yet something tells me to take a right. What is around the corner? What will I be missing if I take the right and not the left?

  • Somethings in life seem to have a beginning, yet I never did. I never will. I will cease to become more of who I always was. Never will I fall to the constant reminder that I had to begin, yet rather to the thought I always was.

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    The war between the world and I is coming to an end. My weapon is music. For I know how the world would swallow me whole without it.

  • I am completely under estimating how much you can crush my expectations. I won’t bother to go back to you. I can’t keep my hopes up for a non- existant dream.

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    The color of the sky that day was blue. Suddenly it became red with fire…white with atoms. After the mushroom cleared, the sky…the sky became maroon. Chernobyl was just the start.