• It was all about poise. When she walked in the dance hall, she drew every eye to her. Head up, shoulder’s back, a little swivel in her hips, that would keep them coming all night. Until he arrived. He was taller than her by a full head. Those piercing grey eyes were hypnotic. She lost her balance looking up into them.

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    The notes soared, lifting her to another place and time. She was transported to a familiar living room filled with piano music, the smell of newly baked sugar cookies, and her mother scolding her brother.

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    A half an hour on make up. Forty five minutes on hair. Her designer boots were the last thing she put on before leaving. She opened the door, frowned, and slammed it shut. Chanel boots were not made for muddy puddles.

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    You’re pretty for a dark-skinned girl they used to always say. It took almost a decade for her to understand it wasn’t a compliment.

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    Janice asked if she could stay. She never asked the others. It was aggravation. But overtime meant double the pay. Shoes for Mikey, co-pay for Tasha’s annual check-up. Maybe a little extra money to tuck away.

    “Sure. I can stay.”

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    Sometimes I envy the dishes. All of the attention and love they get. Sure they get used and dirty. But at the end of the day, all of the mess that sticks to them gets scraped off, rinsed, and they get to retreat into a hot bath that makes them brand new again.

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    Alan ground his teeth and tried to hold his tongue as she ranted on about her horrible life and all of his failed promises. When she began to talk about the broken dishwasher though, he couldn’t hold it in any longer. “You don’t even do the dishes!”

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    The dust was thick in the attic, making her eyes water. She sneezed, accidentally spraying an old gray turn-table stereo. It had a double cassette player. Nostalgia hit her like lightning. She smiled and began to search for the box of mix-tapes she used to collect.

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    The door said ‘Vacancy’ but in the window there was a shadow. Kelly couldn’t tell if it was a mannequin or a person, but she was unsettled by its stillness. The thunder cracked and she nearly jumped out of her skin, but with no other options, she took a step forward.

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    After burying Alice and Danny, Carl kept the house immaculate. Always freshly vacuumed and dusted, each room looked like a real estate agent’s dream. It was sterile and perfect, and slowly driving him insane. So he went down to the ASPCA and found another family to make his house a home again.

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    Ellie was off. Nobody talked about it, but everyone knew. She was certain. From the slow slide of their eyes to the floor when she spoke to the way people went out of their way not to see her, she understood that her kind of different was no good.

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    Gazing up at the wall of hair was a bit daunting. Some were long, others were short. The shop had every type of color and style imaginable. Aeisha tried to picture how each of them might make her more beautiful. A half an hour later, she was still staring.

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    His little tongue was rough. Tickled really. Then his little teeth were scraping her skin. She held her breath, waiting. A prick and he was sucking. It hurt. She smiled.