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    it was sort of embarrassing to be out here in public with him, but i went along with it.
    “so umm…” i awkwardly tried to make conversation.
    “You’re so cute.” i blushed at his comment.
    “What the h-don’t call me that! i-i’ m not cute.” he smiled at me his big dumb smile. and my blush got a deeper shade of red.
    “Idiot.” i said under my breath.

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    “Daichi.” I whispered. somehow being here with him made me feel safer than being at my own home. ” I don’t want to go back” I cherish being here with him right now, i hope he lets me stay the night.
    “I know.” he replied, wrapping his arm around my shoulder and embracing me softly. His shoulder cradled my head and i pressed my cheek against his…[Read more]

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    I comforted Alexe as he sat by his deceased grandfather’s bed. I had never had a grandfather so i did not know how to react to that situation, but i sat there and rubbed his head while he cried into my shoulder.

    really don’t know what to write, never had a grandfather *shrug*

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    In that moment i realized that Alexe had as much of a defense to others as I did, and was used to being heartbroken. I felt bad for the man. It wan’t his fault, he just wasn’t attractive to other women. They wanted him for his money, fame, and influence to the modern art world. If only those women had opened their eyes and saw what a wonderful…[Read more]

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    “I don’t understand you at all rose!” I didn’t expect a fight, but with Kendal you never know when a fight is coming. He’s the one always spouting random crap. I’m done with games.
    “I don’t have time for this, i’m late for a photoshoot.” I grabbed my keys and made my way to the door.
    “Oh sure, go run off. Go hang out with your modeling…[Read more]

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    the cold started biting at me again, i could not stop my teeth from chattering. I covered my mouth so the boy would not hear me but it was too late, he had already woken up.
    “Rose” he whispered.”…you’re awake.” He looked shocked but his mouth then broke into a grin. His voice seemed familiar, but i couldn’t pull it from my memory. Like his…[Read more]

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    I don’t understand. Where am I? Its freezing. I’m not wearing clothes. Where am I? Is there anyone else? I pried my eyes open and was greeted by a white, cracked ceiling. This isn’t right, i don’t know this room. Groggily I sat up. A machine next to me was beeping. It was now that I noticed a boy sitting across the room in a chair facing me. He…[Read more]