• never seen you in the paint. the paint is where i live, where i breath. fuck out my paint. you couldn’t come in the paint, you couldn’t leave the paint. sometimes we would foul one man twice in once play

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    I told her I didn’t want to go up. Some things we do for those we love. Afraid of the heights, afraid of the fall. Visions of the fall. Visions of floating away with her forever.

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    I blamed her for everything. Your wiles took my judgment, your titties took my ambition,

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    My chemistry teacher told me that carbon is the most compatible element in existence. Most lifeforms are carbon based. mother nature used it like glue throughout almost everything, it’s the connector piece like lego.

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    Saw that ruby in the display case in Tiffany’s but when the security guard tried to frisk me I decided against it, the sales staff looked longingly at the jump-suited employees rolling out the 45 boxes of shoes […]

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    He had already been through three cases of redbull and a half pound of chocolate covered coffee beans. Checking the over-unders up on the the giant screen periodically and making notes on his pad. Vegas just wasn’t ready for him.

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    In liberty city there is only a 1% chance you will not have a bad encounter sometime within your daily routine. Don’t knock ’em just because you can’t stop ’em.

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    They glimmered and shimmered across the side of the cruise ship like invisible spiders. We jumped through their windows like so many evil flying monkeyed and killed the man who had set us adrift in lifeboats in the cold ocean.

  • WE sparked 9 blunts under the christmas tree by the fire place. Even though this may not seem that funny, the irony got to us hard midway through blunt number 7.

  • Little American princess. Her parents found three gold watches and a bloody pair of scissors behind her care-bear hill.

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    I slouched in the back of Economics 101 while the dionsaur lady from eastern Eurpoe called role. “Is Catherine here please?” She didn’t even remember me the second time I asked her if she was going to fail me.

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    We broke through the rear window and found the house dim but not dark. The earthquake had shot our map to hell, we had known where all the valuables were but now we were forced to scramble. One bit of good news: the safe had broken open, and a farmer’s life savings were strewn across […]

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    I had never been to a museum until I visited the Seattle Art Museum. On the second floor there is a painting that blew my mind. It had a black border, and then a yellow border, and then a white center. The real work of art was the little paragraph next to it.

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    Stampeding through the town were a group of maybe 50 or so horses escaped from a breeding ground. Two little Mexicans followed but were far behind. A huge black stallion was running point blood dripping from it’s eye, screaming at the sun.

  • No its not so stunning. My car rolls unevenly, shocks are shot Cracked windshield from Brooke’s heel. Green paint looks more like orange now.

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    The exhibit had no flare, just one lifesize Diorama of the Massacre at Wounded Knee. Me and my students walked right past it, there was nothing we could do.

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    So we all stood and teacher told us raise our hands up and look for the L. Find the L on your hand. That’s why its called your left hand you know.

  • The writer smoked weed out of his hookah as he finished typing up his abstract. It seems he spent his whole advance on a “Galaxy of Drugs” and an assortment of fake Japanese Nikes and French made boots.

  • I took shelter in the cave for half an hour. The note in the dead girl’s pocket said “REJECTED REJECTED REJECTED.”

  • I was hired to investigate the missing child because the local sheriff had his head up his ass basically. This was back in the old days, before all that fancy criminal science stuff and the like. When I found her they gave me two million dollars and I ended up elsewhere.