• Danielle1 posted an update 2 years, 3 months ago

    Life is designed to deprive you of nutrients. We live in a sandy soil, with the natural nourishing elements (rain, light) sinking through way too fast, like Plinko chips on “the Price is Right.” Life comes at us quickly. We are forced to conform, to change ourselves to chase and never to rest. If we do rest it is to sleep. Fitful bullshit sleep, bad dreams, and never quite enough before we are cast back headlong into life making decisions we are not compensated for. There is too much noise, too much division, people who know one thing about us but not the whole story, and others who still believe in a lie you told in casual conversation a few years ago. Who are you? when all you have ever done is juggle half-truths and wishes, when you have never really lived just as you do in day dreams.