• never more never more never more,
    of course that would be the only thing you can think
    when he walks out the door.

    your heart on the floor boards, teeth in your head,
    grinds out the sounds that fill you with dread.

  • it covers your body, your soul
    then soon your eyes bleed
    your breathe is shortened
    your life is measured by the meer amount of blinks you can muster

    love is not a struggle…….its a plague

  • your blue eyes search my brown, smiling while you read my soul,
    i dance for you but your listening instead,
    for the rhythm of my heart, the steps of my blood flow……

  • in the words, like blood flows, so does light
    into a room of strange creatures
    too soon has the burn set in
    they cant even distinguish
    right or wrong, turn.
    turn to the light….

  • its clear, so transparent.
    like your soul…..

    could you really think that your love could be healing, when you can see yourself,

    i hate your presence,
    it blinds my soul.

  • Victoria Antoinette commented on the post, since 7 years ago

    since you have been gone, i breathe…..
    i laugh, i cry but most of all
    ……i love
    bet you wish that your veins beat with my life still….

  • Victoria Antoinette commented on the post, gone 7 years ago

    without sight, without word,
    no statement…..why
    why, with the blood on my hands,
    why with no heart and a hole
    black, black as my soul,

  • Victoria Antoinette commented on the post, fresh 7 years ago

    fresh and so clean
    so clean
    like the gleam in your teeth
    brighter than the sun,
    brighter than your laughter,
    brighter than mine

    lets fall apart together

  • Victoria Antoinette commented on the post, dominant 7 years ago

    which one is your dominant hand? asked the guy……..this one! the girl lifted her left hand……ok then , he said, just be gentle…

  • Victoria Antoinette commented on the post, mass 7 years ago

    the massive space of your brain…….can you only imagine the incredible amount that can be tapped into……but all we do is just think about what we could do with our brain, instead of actually doing it.