• We had no time, no hope, no road behind us only ahead. We had trust misguided misplaced or otherwise. It was time to strike.

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    In the words of Bob Dylan “things have changed”. So I suppose I had better change with them or risk being left behind and appearing out of date and out of step. I’m just not there yet, so I’m going to adopt the […]

  • I forget. I get so surrounded by the artficial environment and intent on my survival I forget the very thing that will help me endure: the world. The real world, the one I’m in when I’m not here. The world where […]

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    Oh God, walls, walls, walls. There are so many of them. Dirty stained dull walls that sit just in front of my face day after day after day after week after year after year… ok , now just stop… but then there […]

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    I dream of a wider world, deserts, beaches, rivers, of rocks, trees, grass and sky. I dream to feel the heat and the rain. I dream to smell sunshine, damp earth and campfires. I dream of the daily stunted orbits […]

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    It’s wasn’t epic in any sense of the word: brief, hero-less; unachieving; dull; shallow; disappointing – yes. I imagine I will live on to battle another day but today I’m licking my wounds of defeat and drinking […]

  • My vision of the walls in front me of fades in and out. Corporate workplace sounds buzz and dwindle. The slight stickiness of the desk on the skin of my forearms disspiates. My heart beats faintly and then recedes. Only my fingers tapping the keyboard continue to function.

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    I can’t even win a chook raffle. Every Melbourne Cup I make a donation. I never bother with the pokies ’cause I know it’s a lost cause. The bookies at the trots give me a wry smile but think I’m a joke with my $2 each way bets, and then I never win anyway. So […]

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    Oh yes, the obvious. Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans. Thank you John Lennon. I haven’t even bothered to make plans and life just keeps happening to me. There’s no rhyme or reason to it. What seems obvious & what I think will happen is dust and even the reality […]

  • Psst? Wanna buy a watch? Come down this alley way just a little. Sure they all work. Genuine. Look at this leather strap. Real leather. The mechanism on this model is to die for (oh well, the last owner did anyway…oops). What about this ladies jewel-face for your wife? No wife? Girlfriend surely? Your mother? […]

  • I’ve missed you so much. I thought I was chained to you. I thought I had no choice. Then I went away. I missed you. I was at liberty to do as I pleased but I longed to touch you. Oh my love, my crusty, crumby keyboard, my window to the world… You are part […]

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    Just wishful thinking, I know. There are no indicators heralding the dawn of a new time. I feel like I’m awake and scared and can’t find the door in the dark night of corporate existence. And yes, tomorrow is another day, and another and another. Dusk, the time of winding down and kicking of the […]

  • I worry why the Universe isn’t hearing my call, or and wonder if there is some static interference garbling my pleas. I could thunder, I could rage, but I don’t want to make too much noise. I wait in silence hardly daring to move lest even my slightest twitch distracts those beings with powers to […]

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    Don’t be afraid little one. Pull your hoodie tight around you. Keep walking through the corporate forest. I know it’s a little dark and there are some strange creatures around. The rustling noises are just the stirrings of their discontent. Soon the sun will rise and you’ll reach the end of the path. You’ll be […]

  • The end of the weekend draws near. We sit on the balcony with glasses of wine and discuss… everything. Then, now and what if. The what if is a panorama of possibilties. What incantatations and spells do I need to cast?

  • Should I use the word unfortunate? I’ve been patient, loyal, professional, and given my true feelings on the matter, kind. I’ve not made a nuisance of myself. I’ve made do, sat tight and waited for the process to process. The process sucked me up, fed me some B. S and spat me out into different […]

  • So, I have to make the best of this? I’ve already spent my last paycheck, and the next one, and by the time I get the one after that it will be gone too. I need to get on with it. I can’t just sit here in the corner snivelling. I’ve added a teaspoon of […]

  • Dear Lord, Hear our prayer. Please tell them: Worship is not required; flagellation, self or otherwise, definitely overkill; suit & tie are not ecclesiastical robes; human sacrifices and offerings will not be offered; rites of passage are not rites of God; work is not a religion; the office is not a temple. Amen.

  • They say the eyes are the windows of the soul but the sign at the door of my office building says “PLEASE REMOVE SOULS BEFORE ENTERING” so I leave my soul at home reading a book and eating toast in bed, and my soul-less eyes sit here at the desk looking at the walls: a […]

  • It’s not usual, I know. Not what you read about in fairytales, or in the English tabloids. Aaah, things are changing though. Standards are dropping. Like, Warnie’s hooked up with Liz. And dammit, Camilla became the Princess of Wales upon her marriage to Charlie but chose to us the title of Duchess. So, there’s a […]