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    The work was long done. Lights were flickering softly, disturbing peace in white room. Parts of clothing were still thrown around the place, on the ground. She had goosebumps all over her body. Maybe this was the last time.

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    Finally. It’s here. You no longer have to wait. You feel like you are going to be crushed under the weight of world. But that won’t last any longer. Your breathing will never be steady again. And your hands will never stop shaking. Not until that moment. But it doesn’t matter. No. It’s done. So you take your last shaking breath and pull the…[Read more]

  • Cydoniac commented on the post, arthritis 5 years, 11 months ago

    Like we weren’t fucked up enough already.

  • Cydoniac commented on the post, adorned 5 years, 12 months ago

    Always keep in mind that skin adorns skeleton only for limited time.

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    Together. Next to each other. We run from the past. Too scared of it to stop, yet still too bounded by it to seee the future. We are one step closer to idea of bliss and peace. Maybe one step closer to nothing.

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    One by one, right next to each other, put together, controling humans. So easy, so ignored, so undetected. All hail the new icon!

  • Cydoniac commented on the post, wrath 6 years ago

    Human beings are such fragile creatures. Their bodies are just shells. It’s possible to shatter them into million pieces anytime. Soul defines the person, yet, even if it doesn’t want to, it depends on it’s body so much. And the frightening part of it is, how easy it can fall apart. Just like that you can broke someone’s neck. And its over. Done.

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    Would you flee with me?

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    As she was lying on the bed she realised that this is going nowhere. She always regretted those times she didn’t do anything. Now she could do something. Something she might regret doing but this time for sure she can’t regret not doing it. She quickly looked at him, lying in peacefull bliss next to her, quietly stood up and undetected walked out…[Read more]

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    As Ku-Klux-Klan Housewives formed their new laundry sisterhood, Ku-Klux-Klan took it as I chance to competition, and established new bleach factory brotherhood. Just like little kids…

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    Imagine Ku-Klux-Klan Housewives forming a sisterhood. To have their clothes whiter and cleaner than ever before.

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    You are just wandering around small, god forgotten streets in Amsterdam, watching neons flashing above your head – new age epitome of stars. Beause in this millenium, there is no space left for stars. Stars are relics of medieval age. There is only place left for neons, to remind us the bright future we are about to have. Future where you are too…[Read more]

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    You feel it. You wake up from the dream and you are still in the blissful state of half unconsciousness. But the dream you had, your precious dream is slipping away from you. You can feel it, almost touch it. So close yet so far. Slipping away from you as you delve in your mind just to catch the last spark of it in the final attempt to preserve it…[Read more]

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    Another of your co-worker’s bad attempts to scare you, though this one is succesful. And there you go. Tripping down the stairs, shattering hall window, falling down and cracking your head against the pavement. Someone is not going to het home tonight.

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    Everything stopped. Time didn’t matter anymore. What seems like an eternity was actually split second. She dropped the glass, which broke into millions of little pieces. Tea spilled all over the place. “No this can’t be true, this isn’t happening!” she whispered. But nothing was ever truer than this moment and the weight of it. Not even the milk…[Read more]

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    And you stand here, on the top of the hill. Looking into the sky, as far as you can. Searching for the one, lucky star. Somewhere over the stratosphere. Star to guide you home.

  • Cydoniac commented on the post, casting 6 years ago

    Ever thought about the shadow you are casting upon a wall, or on the floor? It’s like the other you, faceless copy of yourself. Always quiet, unnoticed most of the time, but always there. What an interesting and forgoten companion.

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    And he catapulted her into the sky. His only love and friend. Because she wanted it. She wanted to touch the sky, see how it feels. How could he disobey her? She wanted it, so he did it. He dragged her in, and did it. And now she screams….from happines maybe.