• Jamie was of the opinion, conversely, that the new job had only compounded his difficulties. It was a corner office, sure, but the corner was exposed to the open air, and seagulls often came through his office pecking and looking for spare crumbs. It was raise, certainly; but in a currency not accepted in his country.

  • “I thought you said this was European coffee?”

    Doug paused with his mug partway to his lips, and a look of confusion flattened the features of his face.

    “It is,” he said slowly. “It’s from Europe, that makes it European.”

    “I’m pretty sure this is Starbucks.”

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    Lemons are the tastiest of fruits, but also the least loyal, and will turn on you in an instant. Specifically, the instant that they will turn is the instant that you put them in your mouth, and the thing that they will turn is sour. However, if snuck up upon, at (it is generally agreed, among the sophisticates) at least .73 times the speed of…[Read more]

  • “Sensible or insensible, he has to be up on the main deck in five minutes. Three minutes! These people don’t wait around like you and I.”

    “Three minutes or thirty, I don’t see how we’re going to get a stone-drunk man up three flights of stairs when he’s handcuffed to…”

  • The responsibility that I had tossed aside in a previous life hovered over me, more resolute in its existence and relevance to me than even my initial decision to rid myself of it.

  • It cannot be said that our attempt to destroy the Krao people was unsuccessful. Not exactly. The invasion, it is true, was ineffectual to the point of absurdity – and, really, misguided to begin with. It is not true, as some have suggested, that our cultural invasion is what did it.

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    Not knowing the sound of her footsteps was the hardest part of it for me. For eleven years I could’ve told you it was her just by the sound of her walking down the stairs – if anyone else walked down those stairs, I knew it wasn’t her. And for four years after it ended, I could still tell. But one day a stranger came down, and I turned, and it was…[Read more]

  • The broadcast was short and to the point: if we were to get what we wanted, we would have to be out of the tower at a certain time. But it was more difficult than it seemed, for not only were the passageways and tunnels changing on a now daily basis, but Rebecca was becoming nervous and …