• There is a combination of two.
    Yes that’s me and you.
    We’re with each other tell death.
    No matter what you will always take my breath.
    Through snow and rain.
    Sun and moon.
    I hope we can be together someday soon.

  • Every women dreams of having a husband.
    To be loved.
    To be held.
    To be special…
    It is rare to come true.
    It takes forever to be you.
    That is…when one lucky someone comes to be the one for you……

  • Artistry is a way for people to show their different emotions in ways to make them beautiful.
    Artistry be a way to show anger, sadness, love, depression, as well as hope.
    Not many people can see the way a person is feeling in a painting, unless they feel it as well…

  • cupcakebunnyeater commented on the post, relate 8 years ago

    I can relate to the sunlight.
    Be bright and full of cheer:
    I can relate to a flower.
    Be full of beauty and fear:
    I can relate to myself.
    I can me and only me…:

  • cupcakebunnyeater commented on the post, mutual 8 years ago

    Bob is a mutual friend on my facebook.
    We had mutual ideas.

  • cupcakebunnyeater commented on the post, spring 8 years ago

    Spring is good.
    Spring is great.
    Spring makes me want to eat some cake.
    I like birds.
    I like pie.
    Those things just make me want to die.

  • cupcakebunnyeater commented on the post, edge 8 years ago

    There was a alpaca on the edge of the rainbow.
    HEY! My skittles are going to fall off the edge of that picture frame!!
    I’m on the edge, of glory..