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    It’s possible i know it is.

    “Jump!” Jack yells from the roof top in front of me.

    Even though he is shorter than me, he still managed to jump across smoothly and skillfully.

    “I don’t think I can do it!” I yell back.

    Im not a great jumper, or runner, or pretty much anything that has something to do with physical activity.

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  • Lauren commented on the post, accused 3 years ago

    “Annie Stanford you are accused of murder. Do you vouch guilty or not guilty?”

    Asked the judge.

    Even though I’m not a murderer, and the person isn’t even dead I have to say this or he soon will be.

    So I muster up all the strength and dignity I have left and say, “guilty.”

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    I look around shocked to see that I’m in the woods. “I have to deliver this medicine or Anna could die!” I say to myself.
    I look around to see where I am, and I find that I’m just outside her house.
    “If I could only get to the door.”
    But I can’t my foots trapped under a log that had been blown down in the storm.
    Then i hear her scream.
    “Anna!…[Read more]

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    To believe is to have faith in something or someone. When you believe that anything can happen it can.