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    punched in the face. that’s what he GOT. PUNCHED IN THE FACE. I could hardly believe my own strength when I watched his face fly sideways. When my hand fell back down to my side the blood quickly started flush out the pain I had caused myself.

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    The rest is still unwritten. Thank you, Natasha Bettingfield (sp? whatever). Unwritten basically describes any writing right now because I’m watching a Grey’s Anatomy marathon.

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    Wistful. The sound of it makes me angry. Wist-ful. The “wist” part… it just sounds so… whispy and faint. I think the word “wistful” is one of the most frustrating words. ‘Wist” is flimsy and not ‘ful’…. but to be ‘ful’ of the ‘wist’ can be incredibly frustrating… i guess it makes sense. what the hell am I even writing about now.

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    Fuck wistful. Sick of my heart leaping out of my chest and trying to run ahead of me. It’s skipping everything in my life happening right now. There is such a thing as too much wishing. Too much wishing can distract from now. Sometimes you have to tell your heart to slow a beat or two so you can take a second to see where you are and love that,…[Read more]

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    Vines, as she calls them. They’re her favorite candy. Her tiny hands playfully grab at the tub of licorice and when I hand her one piece she chews the sweet candy with a smile on her face.

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    Muddy hands pressed themselves into the clean, white wall and dragged downwards. The pressure leaving distinctive fingerpaths and an angry mark on the once seemingly perfect and hated void.

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    He lies back in his directors chair, the old wood creaks as he sinks into his comfort zone and the canvas backing. Almost everyone else has gone home but he just wanted some time to stare at the set as a whole.

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    Withered. This was the word that came to mind when she looked in the mirror for the first time in two years. The last time she saw her own reflection she cried and broke every reflective glass at her eye level. Now at a second glance she notices delicate skin around her own fiery blue eyes, the blood beneath her skin pumping fresh color to her…[Read more]

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    “Withered and brittle.” She used these words to describe the trees around here in the dead of winter. There wasn’t any snow but if you looked outside from your living room window, warmed by a fire, you can see how cold it is by looking at the trees.

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    It’s scary terrain. I watch fellow actors cry on stage and I still wonder how they can do that… I’ve managed it every once in-a-while but I didn’t think of my dead grandmother or my dead dog to get there. It’s a scary ground to find a path… a “technique” to put yourself in a place of devastating tears. But I just watched this beautiful, young…[Read more]

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    Returned to me. A golden locket and the breeze began to roll faster amongst the trees when it was held in my hands after a long time with no home.

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    Smoke signals are seen, written by a stranded girl on the beach pumping palm leaves over the flame. He could hardly believe what he was seeing, how long she could have she been waiting there with fire and leaves.

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    flames try to engulf her but she screams and kicks the ground to find the heart of the fire an snuff it out with her boot. she won’t let it take over or burn her but meanwhile she’ll kill and scream until the pain is gone.

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    lamb. I didn’t really care what today’s word was. But it’s relevant. I can’t sleep and I haven’t slept well lately. My dreams are so vivid and frightening, my brain has had a lot to process over the last few days and all I want is for someone to pet my head until I fall asleep. I just want someone there to take care of me for one night. I’m…[Read more]

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    bleeding all over the floor. I hope it’s from my stomach, I have bleeding to spare there. I could do with less there. What a shallow thing to think at a time like this? I’m bleeding and I’m conditioned to make it an optimistic moment for my weight loss goals. I seriously need a priority check.

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    Flat as a skunk on a highway. Flat as soda. Flat like flatbread. Flat like boring. Flat like a plateau. Flat like a drunk singer. Flat like

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    collapsing to the floor, worn and out of breath, hoping one moment of lying still will restore her enough to keep going but she can feel her consciousness slipping through her fingers. The small amount of energy she had left is beginning to seep into the dirt beneath to sink her in. She screams to herself in her head “get UP GET UP GET UP NOW” but…[Read more]

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    Lights go down. The ocean looms out of the dim and almost feel the waves as they crash down over us. The title rises from the sea.

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    The swelling waves beckoned her in but she also sensed their underlying threat.

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    Baby baby baby. I can’t remember what movie that’s from but there you go. I’m SO frustrated today I don’t want to handle it. I suppose the only up-side to it all is that I DON’T have a baby to contend with. Silver linings, right?