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    I hate having to bargain for something, but one of my friends practically lives off of it. She’ll try negotiating just about anything as long as it saves her a few cents. I find bargaining to be tedious, and I’d rather not by something over priced and move on then spend the time to bargain.

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    I knew a Russian boy named Petr. He was learning English because his father worked at an American Embassy in Russia. He was very interested in knowing what Americans thought of Russians, and asked me, so I told him common Russian stereotypes. Petr was a good sport and even thought they were funny. Russian stereotypes of Americans are funny too!

  • Many beginning writers have a problem with discovering what viewpoint they want to use when writing a piece of fiction. I feel it is arbitrary until you actually figure out what you want your novel to stand for, what your fiction says about the real world. Until then, don’t even think about it. Just write what comes out of you. Concerning yourself…[Read more]

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    When people think of the word abroad, they usually think about going to a foreign nation or what have you. The word, however, makes me think of traveling around the seven seas. It makes me think of a boat, chiefly.

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    Hell and heaven are not so different. Both are abstract ideas that can be either very simple or very complex. Both exist in a hypothetical eternity, both are consequences, places or moments. We all have our personal heaven and our personal hell. They are polar opposites, yet, they aren’t so different.

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    I thought my bonfire was going to be a big event. But it turned out to be sort of dry, everyone seemed a little tense. Especially the guy who “wanted nothing more than to see me again,”…maybe I shouldn’t have […]

  • Turbines are not as complex as they look. Well actually, that would depend on the turbine. Wind turbines are relatively simple, turbines in an engine seem more complex. If I knew more about turbines I’d say more, […]

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    Buckets filled with sour apples from the orchard behind my grandfathers cabin, where we always go for the family reunion. This image is the first to come to my mind when I think of “up north”. Then I start to […]

  • The configuration of wax blocks in my sculpture say a lot about the emotions running through my head when I imagined it. However, I have yet to create it so the configuration will more than likely change.

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    I dwell on some thoughts for too long. I will pluck things out of my past and scrutinize it, trying desperately to figure out what the person really meant to say or do, or trying ti see what I could have done […]

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    I almost choked on a cherry pit when I was a kid. I didn’t eat cherries for years, until I turned 12, and I revisited the spunky fruit. From then on, I have enjoyed the deliciousness of pit-less cherries! I even […]

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    I often try to surround myself with keen thinkers and reasoners. Otherwise my day is full of face-palming, jaw dropping (not in a good way), and over all sadness because of someone who has no will to learn. I want […]

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    The framework of our lives consists of work, receiving payment, working more, and receiving payment, until laying in our death beds thinking about were the time went. I don’t like this type of life-framework, I’d […]

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    I’ve just entered something, forgetting that I had an account! Oh well…it’s been so long, I just rediscovered this fantastic site :)

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    Pore, poor, pour. So many different ways to write it, say it, use it. I wonder how the English language developed so many different words that meant different things, that are spelled differently, but sound the […]