• it may not look good, it may not seem okay, but i love to dance. i love to feel the sweat and the heartbeats of those around me. to feel like i’m not the only one faking it. to feel hot. i want you. i want me. i want us. and i want to let […]

  • shakespearesdaughter commented on the post, iron 8 years ago

    if i could hold you in my arms, what joy would fill my heart. you are greek god. you are chiseled marble, udder amazement. but i’m not sure i like you like you. you’re just beautiful. so yeah. keep being greek and dancing and singing and being cool. and i’ll always think you’re godlike. not […]

  • i wish that everyone had more to stop and think about. rather than going going going going gone. does it take too much effort to write a letter every now and then, or chat with a neighbor across the fence? geez. lets slow down and smell the roses. or daisies at least, since the roses […]